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Corporate Selection Umbrella Fund

This is the umbrella fund which has different trustees, principal officer and reports and communication.

Liberty Corporate Unclaimed Benefits

The fund is for all members who have left but still have unclaimed benefits with Liberty.

Lifestyle Retirement Annuity and Preservation Funds

A retirement annuity fund is a scheme which is set up to provide retirement and death benefits to members of the public who voluntarily choose to become members and agree to pay regular contributions (or single once off payments) to finance these benefits.

A preservation fund serves the same purpose but the fund does not receive contributions and receives translocation benefits. For example a preservation fund may accept a payment transferred from an employer sponsored pension or provident which arise as a result of a person’s termination of service with that employer.

The Lifestyle Retirement Annuity and Preservation Funds suite includes retirement annuity fund as well as both a preservation pension fund and a preservation provident fund.

These funds are registered with the Registrar of Pension Funds (the Financial Services Board), as shown below:

Fund NameRegistration No. The Lifestyle Retirement Annuity Fund12/8/6776The Lifestyle Retirement Preserver Provident Fund 12/8/27975The Lifestyle Retirement Preserver Pension Fund 12/8/27974


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