Business Assurance cover is a range of risk benefits that help protect your business if a traumatic event disrupts business as usual, such as an essential employee becoming critically ill, disabled or passing away. In each of these cases, the member is no longer able to perform their normal duties and the business will suffer losses - that’s where Business Assurance cover comes in.

Liberty’s Business Assurance cover includes the following

Buy and sell agreements

Should the owner of a business pass away, this cover allows the remaining partners to buy the deceased’s business interest. This prevents unknown third parties from entering the business to the potential detriment of the surviving partners.

Key person cover

This cover insures key employees (including business owners) whose services and knowledge are integral to the business. If such an essential employee is no longer able to work due to disability, critical illness, or death, the company will need funds to tide it over while a replacement is found or trained.

Contingent liability cover

As much as businesses try to plan ahead, accidents happen and things go wrong. Contingent liability cover pays a lump sum if you are occupationally disabled, permanently impaired, or unable to perform your occupational duties as defined in your policy document, to ensure that your business remains operational.

Why do you need Business Assurance cover?

Just as personal risk cover is essential in your personal capacity should you become disabled or critically ill, Business Assurance cover is equally integral to the protection of your business and the livelihood of your employees. Having both personal cover and Business Assurance cover means you’ve planned for both your family, and your work family.

What are the benefits of Business Assurance cover?

Having Business Assurance cover helps you confidently run your business, knowing that it is protected if things go wrong. From disease to death, many things can disrupt the smooth running of a company. Business Assurance cover will help tide your business over tough times, so it can continue with business as usual.


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