As an entrepreneur, business owner, or professional running a 'side-hustle,' work and life are inextricably linked. You are as vital to your business as you are to your family - whatever happens to one area, impacts the other. That’s why it’s important for you to have the right cover for both.

Lifestyle Protector offers a range of personal risk benefits that can help provide financial security and help maintain the quality of life you have built for yourself and your family.

Lifestyle Protector offers a variety of solutions, including:

  • Life Cover that looks after your loved ones in the event of your passing.
  • Critical Illness benefit that helps cover any health and lifestyle-related expenses in the event you suffer from a dread disease.
  • Income Protector benefit that helps secure your income, should you be unable to earn a living due to disability.

Business Assurance cover is a range of risk benefits that help protect your business if a traumatic event disrupts business as usual, such as essential employees becoming critically ill, disabled, or passing away. Think of it as risk cover for your business to help keep it afloat.

Employee Benefits can help you take care of your employees as they are crucial for the success of your business. With Liberty’s corporate benefits, we can partner with you and your business today to help develop a tailored employee benefit solution, to ensure that your employees’ risk and long-term investment needs are looked after. Not only do we help safeguard their financial wellbeing, but their emotional wellbeing too, through our suite of emergency and assistance services that aim to ensure that they receive the best possible care when they need it most. This includes:

  • Emergency Ambulance Assistance
  • Legal Assistance
  • Medical Advice
  • Trauma Counselling
  • Funeral Assistance
  • R5000 for Hospital admission guarantee

*These services can be accessed through our 24-hour dedicated helpline at no additional cost.

Investment Solutions which include easy to understand, value for money investment solutions that could be used to build your businesses, from small-to-medium enterprises to large corporations. Our variety of investment solutions gives you the exposure to a variety of asset classes, in order to build more wealth, generate an additional stream of income from investments or use to expand your business.

From starting out, to stepping up, we’re in it with you and your business.

Speak to a Liberty Accredited Financial Adviser to help you develop a plan for you and your business.


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