Funeral cover that you can afford from R40 per month.

We understand how important your family is to you, whether it’s your immediate family, extended family or even a good friend that has become family, you should be able to cover them and give them a funeral that they deserve when the time comes.

Experience the comprehensive benefits of our Funeral Plus Plan, designed to cover you, your spouse, parents, children, and more. With the flexibility to include up to 32 people on a single funeral plan, you can select from a wide range of benefits, tailoring your funeral cover to your unique needs.

We have a wide range of benefits to suit your family’s needs

Tombstone benefit
Tombstone Benefit
  • Pays R10 000 per life assured.
  • Empowers you to use the entire value of the funeral policy to cover all necessary expenses related to the funeral.
Double Accident
Double Accident
  • In the event of death due to an accident, your family will receive double the amount assured to assist with funeral costs.
Inkomo Cash
Inkomo Cash
  • Pays a lump sum benefit of up to R10 000.
  • This benefit can help your family with additional costs for the funeral.
Cash Back Bonus
Cash Back Bonus
  • Receive 10% of all your premiums back after 5 years of coverage.
Paid Up
Paid Up
  • From your 65th birthday onwards, you do not need to pay any premiums, and the policy remains fully in place.
Value Added
Value Added
  • Get extra cash to help your family with extra funeral costs such as groceries, transport, and other expenses.
Waiting period

Pay Outs

We understand that the passing of a loved one is traumatic. We are committed to paying out claims as quickly as possible, and therefore pay out within 48 hours of receiving all required documentation.

Waiting period

  • There is a 6 month waiting period for all lives covered for death due to natural causes.
  • 12 month waiting period for death as a result of suicide.
  • No waiting periods for death due to unnatural causes or when switching from another insurer, subject to Liberty's switching requirements.
Premiums refunded if death is due to natural causes during waiting period.
Pay outs

Cover for you and your family

Affordable funeral cover for your parents, spouse, children and extended family, from R40 per month.

Who can be covered? Minimum Maximum Age Number of lives covered
Principal Life Assured R 5000 R 100 000 18-65 1
Spouse R 5000 R 100 000 18-65 Up to 3
Children R 5000 R 50 000 0-24 Up to 10
Parents R 5000 R 80 000 0-84 Up to 8
Extended Family R 5000 R 50 000 18-84 Up to 10

Frequently asked questions

A funeral is a costly event. On average, South Africans spend between R20 000 and R80 000 on funeral costs. This amount excludes funeral extras including but not limited to flowers, catering and tombstones. Generally the cost of a cremation is lower than the cost of a burial.

Funeral cover is capped at R100 000. An insurance act introduced in 2018 placed a cap on the maximum benefit for funeral policies at R100 000.

A funeral is one of the most important events in a person’s life and that of their families. It can be an expensive, which is why having funeral cover is beneficial for you and your family. A policy from Liberty can provide the peace of mind you need by providing cover for costs associated with your funeral, such as the cost of hiring a hearse, paying for a cremation or burial and covering any other expenses that come with a funeral.

The Liberty Funeral Plus Plan offers you the freedom to select benefits and coverage ranging from R5000 to R100,000, tailored to your specific needs and budget. We understand the essential benefits you may need during this challenging time. Our plan includes coverage for:

  • Tombstone
  • Double Accident
  • Inkomo Cash
  • Cash Back
  • Paid Up (At 65, you won't be required to pay any premiums, and the policy will remain in effect)
  • Value Added (Additional benefits to assist with expenses such as airtime, groceries, transport, and more)

Our Funeral Plus Plan lets you cover all your loved ones, at an affordable rate. We know the importance of family and doing everything you can to help and protect them. Having a larger family should not mean you are restricted in offering your loved ones all the support they need, including funeral cover.

  • 6 months waiting period for all covered lives for death due to natural causes.
  • 12 months waiting period for death as a result of suicide.
  • No waiting periods for death due to unnatural causes or when switching from another insurer subject to Liberty's switching requirements.

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