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Actuarial Bursaries

Liberty offers Actuarial Science bursaries to full-time students from their second year of study. A Liberty bursary covers tuition; accommodation, meals and a travel allowance (where applicable); support; networking opportunities and vacation work. You will be guaranteed employment once you have completed your studies at university.

Application Criteria


  • Maintain continuous excellent academic performance in all modules in first year of study;
  • Maintain an overall average above 60% and average 65% or more for mathematical and actuarial modules;
  • Good leadership qualities and participation in extramural activities such as sports, debating societies, chess clubs and various olympiads, etc. is an added advantage; and
  • South African citizen by birth or descent.
2024 Bursary applications are now closed.

Applications for 2025 will open between June and August 2024.


Actuarial Graduate Recruitment

Each year, Liberty conducts an annual actuarial graduate recruitment drive, providing talented graduates with the opportunity to secure permanent positions within the company. We actively seek graduates from South African universities accredited by ASSA (Actuarial Society of South Africa).

Application Criteria

If you possess the right attitude, studying Actuarial Science and in your Honours Year and boast exceptional marks with matching exemptions, we eagerly await your application as the advert is now live.

Applications for the 2025 recruitment cycle will be accepted from April to May 2024. Join us on this exciting career journey with Liberty.

Actuarial Job Shadowing

Welcome to the captivating realm of Actuarial Science at Liberty! Our Actuarial Job Shadowing program provides students in grades 11 or 12 with a unique opportunity to delve into the dynamic field of actuarial work.

Application Criteria

As a participant, you'll gain first-hand experience in the day-to-day activities of our skilled actuaries.

  1. Insights into the Actuarial World: Take a deep dive into the role of actuaries and their integral contribution to decision-making processes within the company.
  2. Networking Opportunities: Connect with seasoned professionals in the field who can offer valuable advice and guidance for your future career.
  3. Career Exploration: Gain insights into the diverse career paths within Actuarial Science and understand how your skills and interests align with this exciting field.

The job shadowing experience typically lasts for one to two days. During this time, you'll have the opportunity to observe actuaries at work, participate in meetings, and engage in hands-on activities related to our projects. To apply, please email Zuzile Radebe at [email protected]. Explore the world of actuarial science and pave the way for your future career.

Actuarial Vacation Work

Join Liberty's Actuarial Vacation Work for a rewarding experience. Participate in diverse actuarial activities, gaining hands-on experience within different teams. Enhance skills, build valuable connections, and learn from experienced actuaries while receiving remuneration. Vacation work is open to students in their 3rd year of Actuarial Science.

Application Criteria

As a participant, you'll gain first-hand experience in the day-to-day activities of our skilled actuaries.

  1. Skill Enhancement: Take advantage of the opportunity to improve and apply your skills in a practical setting, contributing to real-world actuarial projects.
  2. Networking Opportunities: Connect with professionals in the field, establishing relationships that can be instrumental in shaping your future career.
  3. Learning from Experts: Gain valuable insights from experienced actuaries, providing you with a unique learning experience.

Liberty hosts vacation work twice a year during the June and December recess, allowing students to align their participation with their academic schedules.

To apply for this enriching experience, please email Dimakatso Serakoane at [email protected]. Don't miss this chance to engage with the world of actuarial science and kickstart your professional journey.


An Internship is a programme for graduates who require work experience in order to gain a professional qualification or unemployed graduates who require work experience to become more marketable.

Application Criteria


  • Interns must have achieved a National Senior Certificate or National Certificate (Matric/Grade 12) and a three year degree;
  • Internships are available for young, unemployed people between the ages of 18 and 35; and
  • Only South Africans may be registered on an internship.



A learnership is a structured work-based learning programme that includes both theoretical learning with an accredited training provider and practical experience in the workplace that leads to a registered qualification. At Liberty, learnerships start on the 1 January of each year and end on the 31 December of the same year.

Application Criteria


  • Applicants must have passed Grade 12 and must be currently unemployed;
  • Applicants must not have more than a Grade 12;
  • Only SA citizens aged 18-35 are eligible to apply;
  • As per Liberty’s Employment Equity plan, preference will be given to African candidates, African Women and African people with disabilities; and
  • Learnerships are only available in Johannesburg and Cape Town