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Unclaimed Benefits

Did you or a relative of yours leave an employer without claiming your pension benefit?

An "unclaimed" benefit, as defined by legislation, is a benefit that has not been paid to or claimed by a member within 24 months from the date it became due for payment or claiming. These benefits are due to members of a pension or provident fund, or a possible beneficiary of a member who belonged to such a fund and who did not claim their benefit when their employment ended.

“Unclaimed benefits” is a widespread issue in the retirement fund industry across South Africa. Industry statistics currently place the value in excess of R40bn with approximate 4.5 million unclaimed members.

Why do unclaimed benefits exist?

Unclaimed benefits exist for a number of reasons, from details not being updated, to fund members not informing their dependents about these benefits.

Liberty Corporate's Unclaimed Benefits

Liberty Corporate currently has 100,000 members and approximately R2,2bn within its Unclaimed Benefit Fund. The Unclaimed Benefit Fund is a Liberty sponsored fund into which unclaimed benefits from occupational funds can be transferred.

What is Liberty doing to address the issue of Unclaimed Benefits?

Liberty is working with trustees of administered occupational funds to improve their unclaimed benefit outcome. We have also engaged with industry bodies, such as the Unclaimed Benefit Campaign, and are in the process of tracing their members against Liberty records.

Fund Deregistration Project

Over the course of 2007-2013, the South African pension fund industry embarked on a wide scale project to deregister dormant retirement funds. These were mostly funds without boards of trustees in place. Over 4,600 retirement funds were deregistered across the industry (the Deregistration Project).

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Here is a list of previous employers that have unclaimed benefits with Liberty.

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