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Excelsior range

Risk profiled

Excelsior conservative
Excelsior moderately conservative
Excelsior moderate
Excelsior moderately aggressive
Excelsior aggressive

Regulation 28 Compliant

Excelsior conservative retirement
Excelsior moderate retirement
Excelsior moderately conservative retirement

Life Time Phase

Please Note:
We do not produce fund fact sheets for the Excelsior Lifetime Phase portfolio range. The Excelsior LifeTime Phase portfolios are invested in the Excelsior risk profiled range, please refer to the below for the relevant mapping.

Excelsior Lifetime Portfolio’s by phase
Equivalent Excelsior risk profiled portfolio

Excelsior LifeTime Phase 1
Excelsior LifeTime Phase 2
Excelsior LifeTime Phase 3
Excelsior LifeTime Phase 4
Excelsior LifeTime Phase 5

Global risk profiled

Excelsior global conservative
Excelsior global moderately conservative
Excelsior global moderate
Excelsior global moderately aggressive
Excelsior global aggressive

Absolute return

Excelsior absolute plus


Excelsior managed
Excelsior managed cautious


Excelsior financials
Excelsior Industrial
Excelsior resources
Excelsior small companies
Excelsior index 40
Excelsior Rand hedge

Fixed interest

Excelsior bond
Excelsior income


Excelsior property
Excelsior Listed property
Liberty Real Estate

Excelsior progressive bonus

Excelsior progressive bonus
Excelsior Progressive Bonus supplementary detail


Excelsior equity-linked annuity
Excelsior high yield
Excelsior Flexible Income

PLEASE NOTE: Excelsior Flexible Income invests 100% into the STANLIB Flexible Income fund. As the Excelsior fund is less than 6 months old Liberty will not produce a fact sheet for the fund at this stage. Until such time as a factsheet is produced and published on the Liberty website, please refer to the STANLIB Flexible Income Fund factsheet as a proxy for anyperformance and asset data updates. This may be found on the following link:


Liberty Group Limited (Reg. no 1957/002788/06) is a registered Long Term Insurer and an Authorised Financial Services Provider (FAIS no 2409).