What is Stash?

Stash is a tax-free investment that helps you invest in your future by saving small amounts of money every day via an app.

You can stash automatically from a connectd bank card from as little as R5 per day, or simply stash at any time with a press of a button.

You can choose to invest your money into either an SA Top 40 Shares portfolio, or a Cash+ portfolio, or into both, depending on your needs and investment goals. As these portfolios grow in value, so does your stash.

Stash gives you full control over when and how much you contribute. Use the app to pause, adjust, stop and restart how and when you invest. Need your cash? Stash offers unconditional access to your funds directly from the app.

Stash is offered and operated by Liberty Group Limited, who’ve been creating new ways for South Africans to insure, save and invest for over 60 years.

Stash helps you stash small amounts from your connected bank card every day in a tax-free investment called the Stash Tax-Free Investment. Just download the free app and tell us which bank card you want to invest from.  We set up an investment account for you.

Then start stashing automatically every day, from as little as R5, subject to a minimum threshold of R20 for us to take your money and invest it. You can even stash when its sunny in your area or stash based on your fitness data. Didn't have that cappuccino today? Invest that spare change by simply tapping a button on the App, or boost your stash by up to R1000 at the end of the month.

Your Stash is tucked away in a choice of two portfolios. Either stash in South Africa’s Top 40 Shares portfolio, which performs as they perform, or invest in a Cash+ portfolio, which gives you a guaranteed 4.5% effective annual growth. Or split your stash between the two.

Give yourself R10 in your Stash, on us, every time you refer a friend to Stash.

Currently, R36 000 from 1 March to the end of February each year. The Stash App will make sure you don't contribute more than this to Stash.

Currently, R500 000.

The Stash App makes sure you don’t contribute more than your maximum contributions limits to Stash. 

The Stash App can't monitor the contributions you make to other tax-free investments.  If you make contributions to Stash and other tax free investments you will need to monitor all your combined contributions for the year so that they don’t exceed R36 000.  You will also need to monitor your combined lifetime contributions so they don’t exceed R500,000.

If you exceed the current annual contribution limit of R36,000 or the current lifetime limit of R500,000 you will have to pay a penalty to SARS of 40% of the amount you go over by.

None. Your investment returns, transfers and cash outs are free from local income tax, capital gains tax and dividends tax.

Every year, we’ll send you a tax certificate (it’s nothing special really), so that you can tell SARS about your Stash.

Yes. Stash is backed and operated by Liberty who’ve been creating new ways for South Africans to insure, save and invest for over 60 years. The App uses best industry practice for data encryption and security. Your personal information is anonymised, encrypted and securely stored.

Any debit, credit or cheque card from FNB, Standard Bank, Absa, Nedbank, Investec, RMB, Capitec and Discovery (only VISA and MasterCard). Your card must also be able to do online transactions to work in Stash.

Stash is absolutely FREE! You will see ‘Hello Stash’ transactions on your bank statement, but these are just contributions to and withdrawals from your Stash.

Starting your Stash?

After you install the free Stash app, all you’ll need to start stashing is:

  1. Your first name and surname
  2. Your cell phone number
  3. A photo of your bank card (taken using the App) – which we don’t store.

No. Stash has no minimum initial contribution amount.

Your Stash investment account is not deleted or cancelled if you delete the App or get a new phone.

To access your Stash investment account again, download the App to your new phone using your original phone number.

If you change your phone number you will need to contact to link your new phone number to your existing Stash investment account. You will need to verify who you are. Certain documentation will be required.

When you refer a friend, from your App, and they start their own Stash, we’ll give them R10 in their Stash. You’ll get R10 added to your Stash too. The maximum referral amount that can be added to your Stash from referrals is R100 (10 friends).

Yes. To do this, you need to send us an email to We will guide you from there.

Uninstalling Stash does not close your investment account.

My Stash

Choose to stash your money into SA Top 40 Shares or into the Cash+ portfolio, or both.

  • The SA Top 40 Shares portfolio tracks the FTSE/JSE ALSI 40 index (with dividends). This portfolio is a high risk portfolio and is suited to long term investment needs.
  • The Cash+ portfolio gives you a guaranteed growth rate of 4.5% per annum until 30 September 2020 and 3.5% thereafter. This portfolio is low risk and is suited to short term investment needs.

Yes. You can switch between portfolios directly from the App.

You can only do one switch every rolling 90 days, at no cost to you.

The SA Top 40 Shares Portfolio includes dividends in its growth value.

Stashing using automatic contribution settings

It's a feature that allows you to set an amount (from as little as R5) to Stash every day, automatically from your connected bank card. As simple as that.

You can increase, decrease or even stop the amount you want to stash daily in Settings. No forms, no telephone calls, no fuss.

We check your settings at 2:00pm to decided how much you want to stash for the day.

It’s a feature that stashes money from your connected bank card every day that it’s sunny in your area.

Every morning, Stash checks the weather in your area. If it’s sunny, you stash money. You can choose to stash R5, R10 or maximum temperature of that day (in Rands).

Before 2:00pm each day, you can stop Sunny Money from getting stashed on a sunny day.

It requires access to your device’s location to work. When you activate the feature, Stash asks for your permission.

We get our weather data from Open Weather Map. When they describe that day’s weather as either ‘Clear Sky’ or ‘Few Clouds’, then you’ll stash.

It’s a feature that stashes money from your connected bank card based on your fitness data. Daily, for each of 100 steps, 100 meters, 20 calories and 20 seconds of activity, you’ll collect one drop. One drop stashes 5c.

By 2:00pm each day, Sweat will be stashed.

Stash uses data from Google Fit (Android) or Apple Health (iOS) to work out how much to stash based on your fitness data. Download Google Fit in the Play Store or Apple Health in the App Store.

Fitness devices and apps from, amongst others, Strava, Withings, Runtastic, Runkeeper, Noom Coach, Android Wear, Nike+, MyFitnessPal, Lifesum, Basis, Sleep as Android and Xiaomi Mi bands can connect with Google Fit and Apple Health to show all of your data in one place.

Remember, the fitness data in Google Fit and Apple Health belongs to you. You can grant apps access to use the data and add to it, and at any time revoke that access from your phone's Settings.

Boost is a setting that boosts your stash from your connected bank card by a set amount on the last day of each month. It's like a debit order, but much easier to set up, and much, much easier to stop. You can boost up to a maximum of R1,000 per month.

You can increase your Boost amount at any time. Or if you don't want to boost in any month, simply set your Boost to zero (R0). It's that simple.

Stash will ensure that the amount you Boost by does not go over your overall monthly Stash limit (which can be set in Settings).

From time to time we may introduce contribution campaigns to the App for limited periods of time ("campaigns"). These campaigns will provide you with new methods of calculating how much you can automatically contribute to your investment account. Details on how each campaign operates and how contributions will be calculated will be provided in the App. In order to contribute to your stash through these campaigns you must activate each campaign in the App to add the new method to your daily and/or monthly contribution determination

Load shedding is currently a reality for all South Africans. But, when there is load shedding, you are not spending money on electricity. Why not invest some of the unspent money?

Load Saving is a campaign feature that invests small amounts when there is load shedding. Each day, starting at 00h00 and ending at 24h00, Stash checks Eskom's load shedding schedule. You can stash R5, R10, R20, R50 or R100 on days when Eskom confirms load shedding. Simply select the Load Saving icon on the dashboard and follow the prompts to set it up. All amounts are invested the day after load shedding occurs.

You can choose to multiply your selected Load Saving amount by the day's load shedding severity level i.e. level 1-8. Here is an example: You selected to stash R10 when there is load shedding and you have opted to multiply it based on the level of load shedding. If the day's load shedding severity is level 3 - you will invest R30 for the day. (R10 x 3 = R30). The highest announced level of load shedding during the day will be used as the multiplier to calculate your daily contribution. Remember, you can change or disable it at any time - Stash gives you full control of your money.

Stash's 10c Challenge is a campaign feature that runs for 365 consecutive days and will stash money from your connected bank card based on the following calculation methodology:

  • 10c on day 1
  • 20c on day 2
  • 30c on day 3
  • .....
  • R36,50 on day 365

In other words, your daily stash amount will be equal to the number of days you have been on your current Challenge multiplied by 10c.

The 10c Challenge is designed to start off easy, but it gets progressively harder the longer you stay on it.

If you complete the full 365 days of the 10c Challenge, you will invest R6 679.50.

You can view your progress and amounts stashed on your 10c Challenge dashboard in the App.

Note that contributions from any other Stash features (e.g. Sweat, Sunny Money) do not form part of the 10c Challenge and will not be counted towards your daily 10c Challenge contribution amount.

Some banks prevent us from collecting small amounts from connected bank cards. Stash therefore has a minimum money collection threshold of R20 for automatic contribution settings.

Stash will determine how much money is due to be invested for each day on the 10c Challenge. These are known as "pending" amounts. Each day, that day's pending amount will be added to any other pending Stash amounts (including from other activated Stash features) from that day, or previous days, and if they are R20 or greater in aggregate, we will collect the total pending amounts from your connected bank card and stash it for you.

If the pending amounts are less than R20, they will be carried over to the next day.

Pending amounts include those amounts from other Stash automatic contribution features, such as Daily Stash, Sunny Money, Sweat and Load Saving.

The money contributed to Stash from the 10c Challenge will be invested into your selected investment portfolio(s) according to your chosen splits on the day of collection.

The Challenge will run continuously for 365 days, after which it will automatically end when your final contribution (of R36.50) has been invested on that day.

However, you can stop the 10c Challenge at any time (prior to day 365) by pressing the "Stop" button on your 10c Challenge dashboard in the App.

Your 10c Challenge will also stop automatically if any of the following actions or events occur:

  1. You pause or suspend your connected bank card
  2. Your contribution fails due to insufficient funds
  3. We are unable to collect your contributions for any other reason for 7 consecutive days (we will notify you via the App when we are having trouble collecting your money)
  4. You cash out from your Stash Tax-Free Investment at any time during the Challenge.
  5. You reach your annual tax-free contribution limit of R36,000 per annum in Stash

If you stop your Challenge, (or if your Challenge is stopped automatically), you can start a new Challenge at any time, but you will start the new Challenge from day 1 (that is, at 10c).

Manual Stash contributions

At any time, you can Stash up to R500 from your connected bank card by tapping the button on your home screen. When you tap, the amount is Stashed immediately and you have to wait for 24 hours to tap again.

Other Stash settings

Yes. Simply tap the "CHANGE" button next to your current bank card and connect your new bank card.

For security reasons, Stash only allows you to change your bank card 5 times in a 30-day rolling period.

Yes. You can also set a monthly limit to the amount that gets stashed.

Note that your monthly contribution limit does not apply to amounts stashed by you via Stash Tap or to the 10c Challenge.

Before we collect money from your connected bank card, your additional investment instructions must be at least R20 ("minimum threshold") in aggregate over one or more days. We will inform you of how much you need to reach the minimum. Once collected, your contributions are invested according to your portfolio(s) selection at the time of collection.

We may change the minimum threshold amount from time to time. If we do, we will notify you.

Don't worry if your spare change does not add up to R20 for the day. It will just be added to the next day's spare change until the threshold of R20 is met. So even if your spare change is only R0.01, it’ll still get stashed at some stage. Every cent counts.

Cashing Out and Transfers

If you take a withdrawal and re-invest it in your Stash Tax-Free Investment or any other tax-free investment, that re-investment will be a contribution and will still count towards your Annual or Lifetime contribution limits.

Yes. These words have the same meaning.

When you cash out all or part of your Stash, the transaction is sent to your bank immediately. However, the money may take up 7 working days (usually a lot quicker than that) to reflect in your bank account. This is something that we do not have control over as the different banks have their own processing rules.

Yes, you can cash out of Stash at any time. There are no fees, charges or penalties when you cash out.

No. You can cash out your entire Stash if you wish. Just because you cash out doesn't mean that your Stash Tax-Free Investment is closed. You can carry on investing and build up your balance for your next savings goal.

When you Cash Out, that money is paid back into your connected bank card, for you to spend as you wish. If you take a withdrawal and re-invest it in your Stash Tax-Free Investment or any other tax-free investment, that re-investment will be a contribution and will still count towards your Annual or Lifetime contribution limits.

A Transfer is either the direct payment of your Stash to another tax-free investment with a different product provider or a transfer from a different product provider into Stash. This does not affect your Annual and lifetime tax-free limits as it is still invested in a tax-free investment.

Download the Transfer Request Form in Important Docs from the App under Help. Fill in the form, sign it, and send it to the product provider you wish to transfer to and ask them to fill out Section B. Then, email the completed form to Make sure that the receiving product provider knows to look out for your transfer request. They may have their own requirements before you can start a transfer. Once we've received the completed form, we will process the transfer. We will send the money directly to the receiving product provider -- it won't be paid into your bank account.

There are no fees or charges levied by Stash or penalties incurred by you for transferring your stash.

Up to 10 business days from the day we receive your completed Transfer Request Form.

Once we receive your transfer request, you won't be able to make contributions or cash out while we process the transfer. Your transfer is a full transfer which means that your Stash balance in your investment account will be zero when the transfer happens. Your estimated transfer value will change between the day you request the transfer, and the day that the transfer is processed. This change is because of market fluctuations. Once you start the transfer, it cannot be stopped. You can only transfer up to two times in a tax year (starting on 1 March).

Contact your existing product provider and ask them for their Transfer Request Form. Fill it in, sign it, and send it to us at We'll send the completed form back to you. Once we've accepted the transfer, your existing product provider will send the money directly to us -- it won't be paid into your bank account.


With a PIN and your fingerprint (if your phone supports it).

Your personal data is always encrypted. We encrypt all communication between Stash servers and all third-party partners. Stash is backed and operated by Liberty who’ve been creating new ways for South Africans to insure, save and invest for over 60 years.


Anyone who is over 18 years old and has a South African ID number can open a Stash Tax-Free Investment.

Yes. As long as you have a South African ID number.


To help the government fight money laundering and terrorism we need to make sure you are who you say you are. To do this, snap a pic of your identity document and a proof of address using the App. Or if you are old school, you can email copies of these to

  • South African green bar-coded ID book, or
  • South African ID smart-card, or
  • South African driving license card

Any of these documents with your name on them will work:
Issued in the last 3 months

  • Utility bill/rates & taxes
  • Bank statement
  • Rental agreement
  • Body corporate or share block association account/levy statement
  • Short-term assurance contract document
  • Telephone/cellular account
  • Motor vehicle traffic fines
  • Home security/armed response accounts
  • Large retail accounts (e.g. Woolworths, Edgar, etc)

Issued in the last year

  • TV Licence
  • Vehicle licence renewal

In the app or by emailing


Our customer support is optimised for in-app support and email. We read and respond to every single customer query we receive. It really is the best way to get in touch with us. We're here to help, so email us at if you have a question.

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