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Libertys Nurses on the Road

31 Jul 2019

"If you can't do great things, do small things but with great love, perhaps your personal touch and positive attitude made the world of difference in someone's life." - Annarie Betts, Liberty Nurse on the Road

Every day a caring, patient and loving nurse starts her day at 4:30am. She gets her children ready for school and leaves the house at 6:20am only to return home after dark, late in the evening. This is the inspiring story of a Liberty Nurse on the Road, Annarie Betts.

Liberty agents schedule the bookings for the Liberty Nurses across the country. A typical day would take Annarie to areas like Springs, Brakpan and Wadeville. While this is her designated area of operation, Annarie often drives as far afield as Pretoria to ensure that her clients' needs are met. Every minute of the day matters to Annarie and the fleet of nurses that travel to their clients' homes to conduct medical tests.

Annarie says, "I started my nursing career at the young age of 19 in 1993. This has been my passion for the nearly 3 decades. My experience as a neonatal intensive care unit nurse taught me to be efficient and thorough. When you're dealing with new-born babies, every minute is a golden minute. Liberty gave us an opportunity to use our nursing skills in the corporate world. All the nurses are business woman in our own right because we manage so many things.

Daily, Annarie visits the homes and offices of between 10 to 12 people. She explains that no day is ever the same because she meets a diverse range of people from all walks of life, "People open up to me, tell their personal stories and show trust in the service that we offer. I also see some of the clients every year as they update their insurance cover. I see how their kids are growing up and that's nice for me."

To ensure that she can connect more effectively with her diverse clients, Annarie has learnt to communicate in many ways. She is particularly proud that during her time as a Liberty Nurse, she's learnt to speak a little Zulu. "It is important to me to make people feel comfortable, so I learnt to speak Zulu. When it comes to foreign clients that don't speak English or Zulu, I communicate with them using body language. Sometimes, I don't have to say a word. I simply show the client the instruments I am using and give them a big comfortable smile."

While most of the clients Annarie meets are friendly and pleasant, one or two clients can be a little more challenging to deal with. However, this doesn't stop this caring woman from laying their concerns to rest. She says, "In hospital, I used to deal with clients in severe pain. They were sick and anxious. Now I deal with healthy clients that are anxious. I lower my voice, speak calmly and let the client know how important they are. I deal with them like I deal with a patient in a hospital."

No matter the pressures of the day, Annarie still makes time to spend with her family, "I have two beautiful girls who miss their mummy. I work very late in the week and sometimes on Saturdays. Every Sunday, I spend four hours cleaning my car, restocking my bags and calibrating my machines. This isn't an eight to five job. Nursing is a calling and you must be committed to work as a Liberty Nurse on the road."

Annarie has dedicated all her time to her family and her work. It is difficult to understand the intense pressure that all the Liberty Nurses face on the roads every day. However, Annarie describes it best when she says, "I don't let the bad moments get to me. I love what I do too much. I am often the first face of Liberty that you see. I need to be punctual and represent the company proudly. All of us are an impression of the entire company.

For all the hard word, dedication and sacrifices made by the team of Liberty Nurses on the road, everyone at Liberty would like to say a special thank you to Annarie and her caring colleagues.

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