Information and resources for investment solutions and additional services that you may need throughout your working career.

Liberty Corporate is committed to helping you live your life with the knowledge that your financial future is looked after and that your family is financially protected. We have designed and created this information platform specifically for you, the members of our Corporate Selection suite of Umbrella Funds, to have your questions answered and to help you make informed decisions.

During your working career

Your employer has an investment strategy in place for all of its employees that you may automatically be invested in. You could, however, choose to invest your savings in any of the other available investment portfolios on the Liberty Corporate platform. Please contact your fund financial adviser for more information on this option.

Our Core Investment Portfolios

These portfolios were chosen by the Board of Trustees to be the most suitable for majority of members within the fund, and include:

  • Liberty Core Portfolios (Liberty Core Balanced, Liberty Core Moderate and Liberty Core Conservative)
    These portfolios adopt a multi-strategy investing approach, which has a blend of index-tracking and active asset management strategies to meet a range of risk-profiled needs. Our Core Portfolios may be suitable for you if you want to focus on achieving a long-term retirement goal and are less concerned about short-term investment return volatility.

  • Liberty Stable Growth Fund
    This portfolio aims to limit capital losses by investing in assets with reduced volatility over the short-term and aims to provide smoothed investment returns. Our Liberty Stable Growth Fund may be suitable for you if you are risk averse with a preference for low investment return volatility.

For members with specific investment needs, Liberty Corporate also offers a wide range of investment portfolios to cater to these needs. Further information on our investment portfolios can be found here: Fund Fact Sheets

Contact your fund financial adviser for further information regarding your investment options. Alternatively, you can contact Liberty's benefit counsellors on [email protected] or 011 558 2999.

Your Value-Added Services

Our suite of additional and emergency services aims to provide the best possible care when you and your family need it most. We have partnered with an external service provider, Cims South Africa (Pty) Ltd, in order to provide an extended menu of Value-Added Services. If you have access to these services through your employer, then they are also automatically available to your spouse and your dependents under the age of 21, and include:

  • 24-hour emergency medical information service
  • Emergency ambulance service
  • Medical repatriation on hospitalization
  • Legal advice from qualified and registered attorneys
  • Trauma assistance helpline

Should you wish to make use of any of our Value-Added Services, please contact:

086 172 4247 (if you are within South Africa)
011 966 5011 (if you are outside of South Africa)

Further information on our Value-Added Services can be found here: Value-Added Services

Leaving your employer

You have various options available to you regarding your retirement savings when leaving your employer before your retirement date. For information regarding leaving your employer at retirement, visit the Ready for Retirement section below.

What could you do with your retirement savings if you leave your employer, before retirement?

  • You may choose to keep your savings invested in the fund at competitive institutional rates in any available investment portfolio(s)
  • You may choose to take your savings in cash, but it may be subject to tax
  • You may move your savings to your new employer, if applicable, and if the new fund allows it
  • You may preserve your savings, i.e. move your savings into a preservation product outside the fund

If you do nothing, your savings would automatically be preserved.

Contact your fund financial adviser if you are unsure what to do when leaving your employer or for further information regarding your preservation options. Alternatively, you can contact Liberty's benefit counsellors on [email protected] or 011 558 2999.

Ready for Retirement

When nearing retirement, it is important for you to consider the options that are available to provide you with a regular income during retirement. Annuities may be purchased, using your retirement savings, to provide you with this. The Board of Trustees has chosen two annuities to be the most suitable for majority of the fund's members. You could consolidate all of your retirement savings (including those currently outside of the fund) into one, or into a combination of these annuities.

The Annuity options include:

  • With-profit annuity

  • The Liberty Corporate Growth Pension (2018) provides you with a known starting income and inflation-targeting increases in your retirement. It may be useful if you would like to receive an income that will never decrease in Rand terms, is guaranteed for life, and also aims to keep up with inflation. It is important to note that yearly increases target inflation but does not guarantee meeting it.
    Liberty Corporate Growth Pension (2018) brochure

  • Living annuity

  • The Liberty Corporate Group Living Annuity allows you to manage your investments and the income you receive each year. This may be useful if you would like to manage your money according to your personal preferences.
    Liberty Corporate Group Living Annuity brochure

    A list of our Living Annuity investment portfolios and their associated investment management fees can be found here:
    Living Annuity Portfolio List

    Contact your fund financial adviser for further information regarding your annuity options. Alternatively, you can contact Liberty's benefit counsellors on [email protected] or 011 558 2999.

Information about our suite of funds

The CSUF website is a separate information platform where you can find:

  • Information on the Corporate Selection suite of Umbrella Funds, as well as information about the Board of Trustees of the Funds
  • Annual Trustee reports, newsletters and articles
  • Information on member benefits, such as death and disability benefits, and withdrawal, retirement and post-retirement benefits
  • Information on investment returns on various investment portfolios
  • Easy access to your Member Benefit Statement, through logging into the Corporate Benefits page

To access the information above, and more, please visit: CSUF website

Member Articles

Member Forms

Easy access to forms is important. All forms you may require during your working career, or when leaving your employer prior to, or at retirement are listed below. When submitting any forms to Liberty, they should be fully completed and submitted with all supporting documentation.

This document provides a comprehensive guide to the requirements for retirement fund claims.
Process guide for retirement fund claims

Claim forms

This form should be used when notifying Liberty of your retirement, as well as whether you want to take a portion of your retirement savings in cash.
Retirement fund claim form

This form should be used if you believe that there is a retirement benefit owed to you which has not yet been claimed from a previous employer that was administered by Liberty.
Unclaimed benefits form

This form should be used if, when you retire from employment, you would like to leave your retirement savings in the fund until a later date.
Deferred retirement form

This form should be used if you want to preserve your retirement savings after leaving your employer or withdrawing your retirement savings at any stage before retirement.
Preservation or withdrawal form

This form should be used for the transfer of retirement savings due to a divorce.
Divorce order claim form

Investment forms

This form should be used by new members to choose investment portfolios for their future retirement savings contributions or by existing members to move their current retirement savings into different investment portfolios or where they would like to invest future retirement savings contributions.
Investment portfolio selection form

Other forms

This form is for a member's unlawful behaviour (dishonesty, fraud, theft or misconduct) resulting in their employer incurring losses which could be compensated from the member's retirement savings.
Admission of liability form