How to use this calculator

The investment calculator lets you work out:

  • An investment amount needed; or
  • Rate of return on investment; or
  • The investment term of an investment; or
  • The future value of an investment.

Before calculating you will need to have values for 3 of the above variables. You will also need to be aware of any annual increases a regular investment amount may have (annual contribution escalation) and the payment frequency (a single payment, a monthly payment or a yearly payment)

To use this tool:

  • Select the type of value you want to work out by clicking the appropriate radio button (the field associated with this value is now greyed out, but once the calculation is complete, will display the answer you are looking for).
  • Complete the remaining 3 fields. Do this by typing in the appropriate values.
  • Complete the annual contribution escalation (%), if the investment amount is paid on a regular basis (not a single payment) and escalates every year. This value is the percentage by which the investment amount increases every year.
  • To select the payment frequency, click on the drop down box and select the appropriate frequency from the box.
  • When you are satisfied with the information you have supplied, click on the calculate button.

These calculations do not provide for tax deductions. Liberty is unable to warrant the accuracy of the calculators on this website. We therefore cannot be held responsible for any direct or indirect loss or damages that you may suffer should you rely on them. We suggest that you consult with a qualified adviser before making any decisions.