Once we choose Hope, anything is possible.

Our country's socio-economic landscape is diverse and there are a number of issues that separate us as a nation , but there is one thing that we do, and do well , and that is coming together. Our unity in celebrating our nation and being hopeful for a better tomorrow is what makes every single one of us proudly South African.

The responsibility to create change and keep the hope flame ignited falls upon every single one of us, to make our communities better.

Creating better communities stems from hope; hope that the situation will get better, hope for freedom, hope for a better tomorrow and hope for a united nation.

Hope the secret ingredient

What is #DriveHope?

  • The #DriveHope initiative is that glimmer of hope.
  • It's the belief in self, your community and our nation.
  • It's the small act of kindness and the difference that it makes in someone's life.
  • It's giving the man on the street a fresh, homemade meal.

  • It's listening to your colleague when they're having a bad day.
  • It's that phone- call that makes everything okay.
  • It's about being human and making the people you interact with, feel just as human as you do.
  • And it starts with you.
  • It's a movement to, #DriveHope.
Hope never abandons us

Frequently asked questions

For more information on how you can #DriveHope with us, see our FAQs

You can #DriveHope through a simple act of kindness every day. If you know of someone who could do with more than a hug, send them our way. Send an email to [email protected] and we will try to give them a boost of hope.

Read the Ts and Cs here

#DriveHope is applicable to anyone in need of a boost of hope. Whether it's a new-born baby whose mother needs help with diapers or a father looking to pay his child's public-school fees. The initiative is open to all people who reside in South Africa.

#DriveHope stories will be kept confidential and will only be used if we see the need and have consulted the relevant parties for permission to make use of their story. However, the identity of all stories will remain anonymous and in line with the POPIA regulations.

#DriveHope is scheduled to run for the 2022 year. However, it’s a movement that can be driven by South Africans long beyond the initiative. All standard terms and conditions apply

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