2021 Claims Statistics


2020 Claim Stats

It's not insurance we offer. It's the certainty that your loved ones will be okay. With Liberty, you have the guarantee of knowing that should the unthinkable happen, we've thought about every possibility. From how your family will cope, to how you'll pay the bills if you can't work. How much you'll need to put in a wheelchair ramp and how you'll drive the kids to school. Because at Liberty, we've got life covered. That's why our Liberty Accredited Financial Advisers and claims consultants make sure you feel supported throughout your claim experience.

2020 Claim Stats

In 2021, we saw the real impact of the pandemic, with a dramatic increase in claims reflecting the physical, psychological, emotional, and financial effects of COVID-19. Together with our Liberty Accredited Financial Advisers, we've shown up for over 40000 clients in their moments of vulnerability by paying out R10.12 Billion in Personal Risk Cover claims.

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While cancer and cardiovascular disorders typically make up most of the personal risk cover claims, claims for respiratory disorders have shot up during the past couple of years. We aim to provide our clients with the advice, support and help they need to make a speedy recovery when facing a challenge in their health.

"It is during times of uncertainty that our efforts really matter in helping you build resilience by providing certainty through our propositions and helping you get back on your feet. At times like these you need more than a pay out, you need to know that when you’re at your most vulnerable, we’ve got life, covered."

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Knowing the risk factors associated with your life stage can also help you take steps to mitigate these risks. Our Claims Explorer highlights high risk areas broken down by gender, age, and geography, to help clients assess their own insurance needs, helping provide our clients with certainty in times of uncertainty.

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