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Trustee training

Two-day Trustee training course

Trustees play a significant role in decision-making on retirement fund savings. Now more than ever, there is a strong need for the professional development and support for retirement fund trustees to ensure that good governance practices are understood and adhered to.

Numerous determinations by the Pension Funds Adjudicator have emphasised the need for trustees to be aware of their fiduciary duties to avoid liability in the event of maladministration of their funds. In addition, PF 130 requires that all boards of trustees put in place:

  • a documented code of conduct, which outlines their duties and obligations,

  • a fund-specific investment policy statement and

  • a communication strategy to members.

To support trustees, who can only benefit from proper training, Liberty Corporate have engaged the services of InvestmentWise, to conduct a series of trustee training courses. InvestmentWise, an INSETA accredited, independent service provider, was awarded the “Training Provider of the Year” Imbasa Yegolide Award by the Principal Officers Association and Global Pensions UK in 2009 and 2012

Who is the course aimed at?

All incumbent and aspirant trustees are welcome. The courses are designed to enhance their knowledge of retirement-fund matters and assist them to meet their fiduciary duties.


Specific aspects of retirement-fund law and practice will be highlighted to give the delegates a clear understanding of how the legal and technical aspects fit into the practical realities that trustees are faced with.

Number of delegates per course

Each course will have a maximum of 15 delegates and a minimum of 10. This is to ensure that the sessions are manageable, interactive and meaningful to all concerned.


If you and / or your fund’s trustees are interested in attending the course, please contact Patience Sithole, who will be happy to supply further details and a registration form.

Fees (Course fees exclude vat)

Click here for the trustee training fee schedule

Training venue

Trustees Training sessions will be Astrotech Conference Centre, Parktown in Johannesburg.

Course content includes:

  • Group Retirement Funds - Why contribute to a retirement fund? What is a retirement fund? How is a fund regulated? Who are the various industry role-players?

  • Types of Funds and Benefits - What are the different types of funds? What are the various fund benefits? Risk Benefit Structures, Housing Loans, Allowable Deductions

  • The Role of Trustees - Why does a fund have trustees? What are the fiduciary duties of trustees? What are the qualities needed to be a trustee? How are trustees elected? What are a trustee’s responsibilities? What does the monitoring function involve?

  • Distribution of Death Benefits - Which legal texts apply to death benefits? How to investigate dependency? How to distribute death benefits?

  • Fund Governance - What is good governance? PF Circular 130, What are the consequences of mismanaging a fund? What is the procedure for queries and complaints?

For queries regarding the course content contact

Patience Sithole

Tel (011) 408 3588

Fax (011) 408 5348


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