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Offshore (Rand Denominated Funds)

The returns shown on the fund fact sheets are net of any fees levied within the unit price. These fees may be levied by Liberty and/or an external asset manager. The fees deducted by Liberty from the unit price are currently 0 bps for this portfolio range(for all portfolios and tax status of the investor) . These fees are subject to change.

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Risk profiled

Liberty offshore conservative (New)
Liberty offshore moderately conservative (New)
Liberty offshore moderate (New)
Liberty offshore moderately aggressive (New)
Liberty offshore aggressive (New)

Money Market Funds

Money market fund - Sterling
Money market fund - Euro
Money market fund - Dollar


STANLIB Multi-manager global equity fund (New)
STANLIB Multi-manager global bond fund (New)

Russell investments

Please note that this is the latest available fact sheet from the respective asset manager.

US equity fund
US small cap equity fund
Continental European
Emerging markets equity fund
Global bond fund
Japan equity fund
Pacific Basin equity fund
UK equity fund


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