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Excelsior range

The returns shown on the fund fact sheets are net of any fees levied within the unit price. These fees may be levied by Liberty and/or an external asset manager. The fees deducted by Liberty from the unit price vary between 0 bps and 25 bps for this portfolio range depending on the portfolio selected and tax status of the investor. These fees are subject to change.

Latest Asset Manager Commentary

Risk profiled

Excelsior conservative (New)
Excelsior moderately conservative (New)
Excelsior moderate (New)
Excelsior moderately aggressive (New)
Excelsior aggressive (New)

Regulation 28 Compliant

Excelsior conservative retirement (New)
Excelsior moderate retirement (New)
Excelsior moderately conservative retirement (New)

Life Time Phase

Please Note:
We do not produce fund fact sheets for the Excelsior Lifetime Phase portfolio range. The Excelsior LifeTime Phase portfolios are invested in the Excelsior risk profiled range, please refer to the below for the relevant mapping.

Excelsior Lifetime Portfolio’s by phase
Equivalent Excelsior risk profiled portfolio

Excelsior LifeTime Phase 1
Excelsior LifeTime Phase 2
Excelsior LifeTime Phase 3
Excelsior LifeTime Phase 4
Excelsior LifeTime Phase 5

Global risk profiled

Excelsior global conservative (New)
Excelsior global moderately conservative (New)
Excelsior global moderate (New)
Excelsior global moderately aggressive (New)
Excelsior global aggressive (New)

Absolute return

Excelsior CPI plus
Excelsior absolute plus (New)


Excelsior managed (New)
Excelsior managed cautious


Excelsior index 40 (New)
Excelsior SA Equity

Please note that the composition of this portfolio is the same as the equity component of the majority of our balanced portfolios: 40% Passive tracker (Capped SWIX), 15% “smart beta” which utilises sophisticated quantitative techniques to design highly efficient risk-adjusted portfolios and 45% actively managed.

Fixed interest

Excelsior bond (New)
Excelsior income (New)


Excelsior property (New)
Excelsior Listed property (New)

Excelsior progressive bonus

Excelsior progressive bonus
Excelsior Progressive Bonus supplementary detail


Excelsior equity-linked annuity (New)
Excelsior Flexible Income (New)
Excelsior high yield


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