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Find a form as a business or pension fund

If you are an employer or member of a Liberty Corporate retirement fund, this section will assist you in finding the relevant forms for submitting a claim or adding new members to a fund.

In order to avoid delays in processing of claims, we require certain information from the fund member. Click here (Claims requirements matrix) to see what documentation is required for the various claims.

Investment Selection

Retirement benefit forms:

Capital Alliance Funeral and Death Claims:

Death benefit forms:

Funeral benefit forms:

Withdrawal benefit forms:

Disability, dread disease or impairment benefit forms:

When submitting these forms, please provide a certified copy of:

Please note that whenever submitting a disability claim, it must be accompanied by a certified copy of your identity document, the job description, the last payslip, prior to becoming disabled, and proof of your banking details (cancelled cheque or bank statement).

Adding a new member to a fund:

Nominating a beneficiary:

Unclaimed benefit funds:


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