Agile Retirement Annuity

Agile Retirement Range

Know today your guaranteed retirement income with Agile's benefits,
regardless of market changes.

Know your retirement income today.

The Agile Retirement Range with its Exact Income Fund feature, is the guarantee that you need in uncertain times. It ensures that you can still maintain the lifestyle that you worked hard for in your retirement years. The Exact Income Fund puts you in charge of your finances and lets you know today exactly how much guaranteed retirement income you will get.

Grow and protect your  retirement savings.

Liberty’s Agile with its High-Water Mark Guarantee feature allows you to take more risks and make bolder investment choices whilst securing your retirement income.


Everyone wants to retire comfortably. Which is why your investments must grow and be protected.

Ultimate Security and Flexibility

We make investing as simple and flexible as possible through regular debit orders on the Agile Retirement Annuity for convenience, which may be hard to keep up in tough times. You can start and stop your debit order as and when you like. You can also add lump sum investments at any time. Or a combination of these, whichever works best for you. Liberty’s Agile Retirement Range is there to support you and help you plan to retire comfortably.

To find out more about Liberty’s Agile Retirement Range, its benefits, definitions, guarantees, taxes, fees, limitations, charges, contributions/premiums or other conditions and associated risks, please speak to a Liberty Financial Adviser or your Broker. Ts & Cs apply.

Liberty Group Limited is the insurer of the Agile Retirement Range and an Authorised Financial Services Provider (no. 2409).

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Liberty Group Limited (Reg. no 1957/002788/06) is a licensed Insurer and an Authorised Financial Services Provider (no 2409).