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Liberty Agile is the first retirement annuity with a unique guarantee that protects a portion of your best returns and guarantees your retirement income. By knowing that your retirement income is secured, you have the freedom to invest more aggressively and pursue more growth.

If guaranteeing your retire​ment income is on your mind, then you’re a Future Thinker.​

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Whether you’re looking forward to retiring well or setting out on your next life adventure, you need to know that your retirement income is guaranteed. With Liberty Agile, a portion of your best investment returns are protected, no matter the stock market headlines.

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You’ve worked hard to achieve your goals and provide for your loved ones. So when the time comes for retirement, you want to know that your retirement income is guaranteed. Liberty Agile protects a portion of your best returns, while still enabling you to pursue growth.

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The Agile Retirement Range provides you with guaranteed retirement income, and helps your investments work for you through:

  • Customised retirement planning.
  • Flexible payment methods.
  • Low platform fees.
  • Tax benefits.
  • South Africa’s top asset managers.
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The High-Water Mark Guarantee is available on the portion of your investment that is not allocated to the Exact Income Fund. This guarantee lets you protect your investment, hedging against loss by preserving the value of your initial investment. It gives you peace of mind and allows you to invest for maximum growth, while knowing that a portion of your best returns is protected.

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As a Future Thinker, you do not only want to grow your investments – you want to guarantee your retirement income too. Liberty Agile provides the perfect balance of investment growth and guaranteed retirement income by protecting a portion of your best returns, and giving you the freedom to invest more aggressively.

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An investment in the Agile Retirement Range allows you to split your money between the Exact Income Fund and various other investment portfolios carrying the High-Water Mark Guarantee. This gives you the perfect balance between guaranteed income and investment returns, no matter what the market does.

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The Exact Income Fund is a unique portfolio that gives you the certainty you want from retirement investments by guaranteeing your retirement income. With the Exact Income Fund, you’ll know exactly what your retirement income will be, from the very start of your investment.

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