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Secure your financial future and get more value for your money, with Liberty ADDLIB, a cash back bonus feature that pays you back up to 40% of your Lifestyle Protector premiums after five years, tax-free, based on having minimum levels of qualifying Lifestyle Protector insurance benefits and qualifying investment policies with Liberty.

Liberty currently pays over R60 million per year back to our customers through ADDLIB. These customers didn’t have to jump through any hoops, didn’t have to hit 10 000 steps per day, and didn’t have to start eating kale to get their benefit payment.

What is ADDLIB?

A benefit payment structure included in your Lifestyle Protector policy that pays you back up to 40% of your premiums each and every five years, tax-free.


How it works

We calculate what percentage of your premiums you accumulate each month, based on your ADDLIB Sum Assured* and ADDLIB Total Asset Value**. These amounts accumulate and are paid out every five years if your policy is still active.

* ADDLIB Sum Assured is the total sum assured value of specified qualifying Lifestyle Protector benefits.(Minimum amounts are required to qualify)

** ADDLIB Total Asset Value is the total value of specified qualifying investment products with Liberty.(Minimum amounts are required to qualify)

ADDLIB quick facts


Liberty Group Ltd is the Insurer of Lifestyle Protector and an Authorised Financial Services Provider in terms of the FAIS Act (no.2409). Ts and Cs apply.

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To make sure you get the most out of your ADDLIB benefit and maximise your cashback percentage, find out more about how it works.

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Liberty Group Limited (Reg. no 1957/002788/06) is a licensed Insurer and an Authorised Financial Services Provider (no 2409).