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The Value of Advice during a crisis - meet Antony Rosano

28 Oct 2020

How did you cope with not being able to meet with clients during Lockdown?

When lockdown became a reality for me, I realised that I needed to do things differently.

It has been so easy, in past years, to simply arrange to see my clients and discuss their insurance needs and investment portfolios. I decided that I would undertake to call on clients just to see how they were coping with lockdown. I adopted a different approach because my calls were not about financial matters or discussions related to portfolio specifics, but rather with regards to a general concern for my client’s wellbeing and asking if there was anything I could do to assist.

What was the reaction?

These calls kept me busy for hours, day after day, and I was so pleasantly surprised by the

overall positive reaction. In general, most people were concerned about their businesses or employment and where the next pay cheque was going to come from. I applied myself to each of my client’s portfolio’s and tried to find solutions which would be able to provide some temporary relief. This without risking severe losses of benefits which had taken years to create.

Would you say this clearly demonstrates the value of advice?

This continuous interaction with my clients created a lot of useful dialogues despite physical meetings not being possible. In fact, it has resulted in a very successful year for me and my clients because there has been a lot of diversification of investment for them, as well as different ways of planning for retirement. I am indeed very grateful to be working at a time when I'm able to offer support.

The message is: Get in touch if you are having doubts

There has been a strong realisation that my work as a Financial Adviser is indeed very diverse. I must be able to adapt to different scenarios in order to remain relevant and useful to my clients. COVID-19 does show that having an Adviser talk about matters in difficult times can make a real difference.

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