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The COVID pandemic is slowing but remaining insured is the best strategy against its lingering effects

28 Sep 2020

​Insurance is essential to your family's well-being now and in more normal circumstances. The best plan is to take what you can afford says Liberty's Chief Medical Officer Dr Dominque Stott:

How should you tailor your insurance policy during these times? 

If you are insured, the best advice is to keep it at all cost. The last thing you cancel is insurance, particularly in these uncertain times, because you never know when you might need to claim on it. Speaking to a Financial Adviser now is essential to guide you as to what products to buy according to your budget. The best principle is to buy insurance when you are young and healthy so that the premiums are relatively inexpensive. Once you develop a health impairment you may have to pay more for your insurance, if you can get it at all. At Liberty we pay all our valid claims, as this is the reason we exist. But we can't pay if you don't have the right policy.


Some people have been avoiding medical facilities because of COVID. Should I go for a check-up or procedure now?

With hospitals still protecting patients from catching COVID by ensuring strict isolation principles, it might not be a good time to go to hospital, if it can wait. Discuss with your doctor whether operations or procedures can wait until later in the pandemic curve. However, it is important not to ignore more serious symptoms which you would normally have gone to your doctor for, but due to the lockdown and quarantine did not go. Symptoms such as breast lumps, skin moles and other changes, onset of severe headaches, change in bowel habits, should be investigated as they could be a warning sign of something far more serious.


If I have any serious vulnerabilities should I keep taking precautions?

Vulnerable people should continue to be cautious to prevent contact with the virus. Those vulnerable are people with chronic diseases like hypertension, diabetes, obstructive lung disease and asthma, HIV and any other condition which reduces the body's immune response. Wearing a mask in public places and hand washing are very important.


How long do you think the pandemic will be with us?

It depends on whether a vaccine is found or not, and whether those who have been infected become immune and stay immune in the long-term. If a vaccine is found, we will find that mass vaccination programs which could then be implemented will protect even those who are not vaccinated, by the principle of herd immunity. However, it is unlikely that this virus will just disappear, it will probably be around for many years to come, just with manageable infection rates.  

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