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Stash reskinned

30 Sep 2019

By Glenn Grimley, Liberty's Chief Specialist: Ecosystem Product Owner

When Liberty's savings and investment app Stash was first launched three years ago, it was released to the market as a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). This meant that the product was ready for use but we expected to use client feedback to make significant changes to the functionality and usability of the Stash App.

Stash initially used your bank's transactional SMSs to detect every swipe of your debit, credit or cheque card, then collect your spare change and invest it in a tax-free savings account. However, changes to Google's privacy policy resulted in small changes being made to the way the app works.

In addition to adhering to legislative privacy rules and Google's privacy policy, we also paid close attention to feedback from Stash users. Our clients wanted to see how much they were investing and where the money was being invested. We took their feedback on board and reskinned it into a user friendly and effective User Interface (UI).

Some of the exciting new features on the Stash App

Stash on Sunny Days - Everyday, Stash checks the weather in your area. If it's a sunny day, you stash your spare change, if it's overcast - You don't.

Stash as you Sweat - Link your Stash app to your fitness application on your phone and Stash 5 cents for every 20 calories you burn, 100 meters you walk or 100 steps that you take.

Boost your Stash - If you find a little extra money in your bank account at the end of the month, you can boost the amount you've stashed by up to R1,000.

Stash allows you to have full control over how much spare change you save and invest every day. You can choose to save between R10, R20, R50, R100, R200 or R500 using the Stash Tap option too. If you ever find yourself short of cash and can't afford to Stash, you can stop your contributions on the app at any time.

Accessing your Stash is easy

You can cash out whenever you need your money because there are no complicated cash out rules or delays. Best of all, you don't pay any tax on your Stash investments. You can save and invest up to R33,000 a year, up to R500,000 over your lifetime into this tax-free investment.

Downloading Stash is easy. You can find it on the Apple AppStore or get it on Google Play. Signing up to Stash takes less than 90 seconds. There are no forms, fees or tax implications. You have full control over how much of your spare change you stash. Stash makes saving and investing as easy as possible for you.

With more than 50,000 downloads, 45,000 active users, 175,000 investment transactions per month and more than R87 million in investments so far, Stash is certainly growing and encouraging saving and investing.

Liberty Group Ltd is a Registered Long-Term Insurer, the insurer of Stash, and an Authorised Financial Services Provider (FAIS no. 2409). Terms and Conditions apply.

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Stash reskinned

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