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Positive investment sentiment

30 Sep 2019

This September widespread violence, xenophobia and attacks on women and children have dominated headlines. Local and international investors have been asking when things will be getting better and if investing in the country is still a good idea.

They were not alone – the eyes of investors all over the world were glued to The World Economic Forum Africa, where President Ramaphosa and South Africa was making its case for still being a sound investment.

Liberty steps in as the voice of reason

In response to all the economic and investment uncertainty, Liberty hosted an investment conference for hundreds of brokers and other financial services professionals on 3, 4 and 5 September.

The theme of the event was 'Opportunity is the flip side of adversity’. Keynote speaker and trend specialist John Sanei explained that, “We’ve unlocked a state of perpetual anxiety because we’re skilled in yesterday’s skills, trying to make informed decisions about a tomorrow that’s impossible to predict."

He said, "The future doesn’t require you to work harder, but to understand the rules of the new game and to be naturally adaptive and naturally optimistic. Because we need to start thinking about what takes energy and what fuels energy. Hindsight takes energy, pessimism takes energy, however, optimism fuels energy. If you combine wisdom and curiosity you become naturally optimistic."

Private banker turned wealth coach, Samke Mhlongo explained that, "Unlearning is the most key skill to learn. Too many times as financial professionals we sell the journey, not the result.”

Use the human Financial Advice at your disposal

To find optimism and opportunity in an uncertain world, it is important that investors find the right level of advice on their journey to financial freedom. According to Vimal Chagan, Divisional Director for Investment Propositions at Liberty, "Financial Advice is essential to changing the way we invest for opportunity. Financial Advisers can add value in this space because they have the skills and tools required to identify investment opportunities."

Henri van Deventer, Liberty’s Chief Officer of Advice Model Design, echoed these sentiments, “We are currently facing stormy seas. Investors and advisers must realise that we can’t change the direction of the wind. However, by working together closely, we can adjust your sails. To do this effectively, advisers must focus on the lifestyle elements that clients value the most."

Author and motivational speaker, Buhle Dlamini believes in the power of human advice, "The future will catch us by surprise. You don’t need to do something wrong to fail in the current economy – you just need to keep doing what you’re doing. There is a space for the human adviser in the lives of investors."

Renewed optimism can yield positive results

Political analyst, Melanie Verwoerd discussed the current state of the economy saying, “I am more positive about the economy than I have been in a very long time. Even though there are huge challenges, we are on the right track, maybe slower than people would like – fair enough – but we are moving in the right direction.”

The timing on that point is perfect asSouth Africa’s second quarter GDP figures for the year announced an optimistic and future-forward 3.1% growth. In terms of optimistic and opportunistic thinking, the message was clear: the time is now.

If you're an optimist considering an investment, you can use Liberty's Investment Calculator to work out how much money you'll need to invest in your financial future.

The investment calculator lets you work out:

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Allow us to join you on your journey to investment success. Click here to use the Liberty Investment Calculator now.

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Positive investment sentiment

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