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Have you tuned into the Liberty Blue Table Sessions yet

31 Aug 2020

Last month Liberty launched a six-part series called the Liberty Blue Table Sessions (BTS) that aims to explore the lives and financial challenges of South African women. The Liberty Blue Table Sessions (BTS) has several panelists and financial experts unpacking the value of women in our economy and giving viewers practical advice on the best ways to preserve not only their financial wellbeing, but also shine a light on their important contributions to society.

The series is hosted by award winning financial journalist, Gugulethu Mfuphi; and she engages the panellists with a view to get their true thoughts on topics such as financial planning, supporting a family and making money go further. Panellists include influential personalities in different industries, thought leaders, entrepreneurs and Liberty’s own experts on topics that reflect the realities of women in South Africa.

From financial planning to the new challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, the BTS talks are providing valuable insights we hope will help women across the country realise their full potential.

It’s been proven time and time again that women – on average – earn less than men, save less than men and live longer than men. For Liberty Lead Specialist: Financial Planning, Daphne Rampersad, this means that for women to empower themselves, they’ve got to be ahead of the curve, as society catches up.

“The more people we get on board to understand the realities facing women, the better they can empathise and make concerted effort to address these issues such the gender pay gap, amongst other issues,” she says.

The dilemma also extends to insurance, and this begs the question on why women are insuring themselves.

Given that almost 70% of SA women are breadwinners, their role in securing both familial and societal financial security makes it essential that they insure the long-term livelihood of their families if they are no longer able to provide for them.

Learn, and remember to breathe

The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting everyone in different ways, though it’s often emotional and financial health that suffers in times of volatility. Financial adviser, Mariette Tappan, has been telling all of her clients first and foremost: breathe!

“Sometimes it’s important that we take a step back and decide what’s most important for us at this time,” says Tappan.

“The only way to strike a balance is through getting to grips with one’s vulnerabilities and proactively make a plan to compensate for them,” she says.

The economic volatility surrounding the pandemic is intimidating, according to Liberty’s Chief Medical Officer Dr Dominique Stott, but we need to focus on some of the positives that have come with the lockdown.

“There’s been increased mindfulness, altruism and even generosity with people opening their hearts to others. There’s also been an opportunity for people to develop through digital learning,” she says.

Getting this information can mean something as simple as a conversation with a financial adviser or taking a course online to improve your general knowledge around your finances.

This learning, she says, is allowing people to become more financially secure than before and will allow people to adapt to their current financial situations – even in the face of retrenchment and diminishing salaries.

Do what you love

The old adage, do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life, has always been Lisa Hovgaard’s motto. As Liberty’s Head of Trade Marketing, she’s been able to use her interests and passions to succeed.

“If you’re busy pursuing what you love, the money always follows – even in a pandemic. The problem is, once the money starts coming, you have to make sure it works for you properly,” she says.

Money brings freedom, and opens doors, but knowing exactly what to do with it is tough.

“Even if your income is threatened, a really good financial adviser can help you make the decisions that will get you through the most difficult times,” she says.

To learn more from our panelists and advisers, watch the first three episodes of Season 1 of the Liberty Blue Table Sessions, on the Liberty YouTube page and follow @LibertyGroupSA on all social media platforms: Liberty Group South Africa

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