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Good advice goes a long way

28 Aug 2019

We're always excited to share good news with you, as we partner with you on your journey through life. We're happy to report that Liberty won two categories at this years' Prestigious Financial Intermediaries Association of Southern Africa (FIA) awards ceremony. We took home the Life & Risk and Employee Benefits awards. We're grateful to be given this honour by the Financial Advisers and Brokers who voted for us.

These awards are a great milestone and a positive recognition that we deliver exceptional risk solutions to you, through our Financial Advisers and Brokers. At Liberty, we believe that our cornerstone product, Lifestyle Protector, is the best quality product on the market, meeting the risk protection needs of customers, and this award is testament to that.

If you haven't updated your risk cover this year, we'd like to remind you about some of the features of Liberty Lifestyle Protector that you should consider discussing in your next meeting with your Financial Adviser.

Six features of the Liberty Lifestyle Protector solution

  • Level and Age-rated Premiums: Level Premium Pattern is ideal for individuals and families who want long-term cover with a stable premium. Age-rated premiums make life cover more affordable for younger people. Clients pay premiums that fall in line with the risk associated with their age.
  • Life Protection: Gives clients peace of mind that the proceeds of their life protection benefit are used to help the surviving family maintain their quality of lifestyle.
  • Living Lifestyle: Covers the risk of being burdened with the cost of surviving and recuperating from some form of critical illness or unexpected traumatic event.
  • Absolute Protector: Cover that pays if you are unable to work due to a disability or an impairment.
  • Vital Living: Designed for younger clients and pays out 100% of the sum assured if you are unable to perform several specified daily activities, are permanently impaired or are diagnosed with cancer.
  • Income Protector: A flexible package of comprehensive benefits which aim to protect against a wide range of risks that threaten your income.

Liberty doesn’t only want to help you cover your financial risks, we also want to make sure that if you claim, we can provide you with information that you need to make it through.

That is why we put together some information to help you answer difficult questions like, "What happens if I am diagnosed with cancer, become disabled or suffer a heart attack or stroke?" So, if you or a loved one has suffered a critical illness, you can download the following content:

For more details about Lifestyle Protector's benefits, guarantees, fees, tax, limitations, charges, premiums or other conditions and associated risks, please speak to your Liberty Financial Adviser or Broker. Liberty Group Ltd is a Registered Long-Term Insurer, the Insurer of Lifestyle Protector and an Authorised Financial Services Provider (FAIS Act no.2409). Terms and Conditions apply.

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