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Cover is personal, do you know how it works for you?

26 Nov 2020

It seems many Liberty clients are contacting our call centre with queries about the finer points of how their cover works.

The very nature of insurance means it is something that is designed to cover your own particular lifestyle, it is tailored to your own particular needs, providing protection and being there for when you need help the most.

This is why it may seem complicated at first glance, but it should not need to be so.

"The key here is to talk to your Financial Adviser, any questions you may have about the fine print, they will be able to give you a clear answer," says Hazel Lerman, Divisional Executive, Group Customer Relations.

This includes things like ensuring the disclosures you have made are accurate and captured our system, as well as any other information you may feel is important that could affect your risk. And also laying down the things you specifically want covered.

Your Adviser will understand how to offer cover that is able to be tailored to meet your needs, this is important in making it as effective as possible in your life.

"The key to the relationship between you and your Adviser is having your needs clearly understood. The conversation you have with your Adviser at the beginning is just the start of the relationship. Keep talking at all times, see it as an ongoing relationship in which your FA is here to guide, partner and advise you when it comes to your policy," she says.

Life changes for everyone, sometimes in small ways and occasionally in bigger ways, and we're always here with you. Reaching out if you have any questions is easier than you think.

"Financial Advisers make it their business to understand you and your own personal circumstances, they'll be able to provide you with the answers about your policy and what it means in your own life. Just remember it's your own situation that's the most important thing here. Being familiar with your policy means you're going to have the peace of mind you deserve from being covered."

And if you're unsure about anything and don’t have a copy of your policy document:

  • Ask your Financial Adviser

  • Log into MyLiberty – go to Policy Correspondence

  • Call our Liberty contact centre 011 408 4871

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