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A reminder to check-in on breast cancer

28 Oct 2020

It may be about pink ribbons, but Breast Cancer Awareness Month is a reminder for us to check-in on our health amid the rise of breast cancer.

The onset of the COIVD-19 pandemic earlier this year and the lockdown restrictions focused people's health priorities away from more routine medical matters.

According to Liberty's Chief Medical Officer, Dr Dominique Stott, early detection is key to surviving many cancers, and breast cancer is one of the most common cancers to be diagnosed in South African women. It also has a high survival rate if caught early.

"The vast majority of breast cancer claims we have seen at Liberty are for stage one, for which we pay all valid claims. Even stage one treatment can be expensive, not just medically, but also on your ability to manage your everyday life," she says.

It's the changes to your lifestyle in the case of a diagnosis and subsequent treatment that many people don't usually factor in.

The nature of treatment like chemotherapy and surgery can mean an extensive period of recuperation, which could mean you're not working during this time. This can mean a loss of income and your normal ability to cope with life is impaired.

You may be one of our clients currently experiencing this critical illness, or you may know someone close to you. We take this time to wish you well and to remind you that our critical illness benefit under our Lifestyle Protector product is designed to assist people in situations like this.

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