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Your health is your route to success

05 Nov 2020

From 4 to 10 October it was Mental Health Awareness week and it is currently Breast Cancer Awareness month - time to stop and take note of your physical and mental health. As an entrepreneur or career person, you may be purely focused on climbing the career ladder and building your wealth. However, it is equally important to start appreciating the true value of your health now, and not take it for granted. Although achieving your goals is important, you shouldn’t abandon your health in pursuit of success.

Because your health is such a precious resource, it’s important to lead a balanced lifestyle and to take active measures to uphold and guarantee your well-being.

Certain practices that are common in our high-paced world – such as working long hours and not having enough sleep – can lead to burnout and illness. Many illnesses are stress-related or the result of an unhealthy lifestyle, and these can have serious effects that last into old age.

That old saying "prevention is better than cure" rings true in this instance. Here are some ways in which you can start taking care of yourself now:

  • Lead a balanced lifestyle – make sure you work reasonable hours, taking time for relaxation and spending time with your family
  • Eat healthily and exercise regularly
  • Pay attention to your mental health – practise mindfulness, consider therapy with a professional, join a business leadership group and get enough sleep
  • Have those important health checks, including blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, breast cancer and prostate tests
  • If you have any health concerns or notice any symptoms that may be an indication of a disease or disorder, consult your doctor immediately

Small lifestyle changes can make a huge difference to your health and well-being. Take care of your health for the sake of your wealth, and realise the true value of a healthy body and mind.

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