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Working from home under lockdown? Get your work-life balance in sync

05 Nov 2020

We have been working 48 minutes longer each day during lockdown, says the World Economic Forum. We have also been sending more emails and attending more meetings. Has the line between work and home life become blurred? Is our work life invading the time we should be spending relaxing or with family?

Working remotely from home has distinct advantages. If it becomes a more permanent arrangement, it could drive millions of cars off the road, enable more flexible working arrangements for mothers, allow new opportunities for home design, and help us to adapt to an exciting new world. But this is only if we practise a balance between work and home life.

While working remotely may have made life easier in some ways, it can push us towards disproportionate overtime, stress and burnout. To stop this, we need to take on a few new habits:

  • Plan ahead: Don’t expect to slip into a smooth new routine. Be organised, plan a schedule that includes your partner and family. It will make your working week much easier.
  • Stick to a routine: use a schedule with boundaries to define your working day. And stick to it.
  • Create a designated work space, which will help you to concentrate and stick to your work boundaries.
  • Take time out for fresh air and exercise.
  • Learn to switch off, especially in the evening when your work day is over. Put away your laptop and phone.
  • Book a fun virtual class that revolves around your hobbies or interests.
  • Use your weekends exclusively for relaxation and enjoyment. Do special things with family and friends.
  • Above all else, prioritise your relationships.

By following some simple guidelines, and being disciplined with a balance between work and self-care, you can work, rest and play under one roof.

At Liberty, we would like to empower you to achieve both physical and financial well-being. So, on the financial gains of working from home, you can get in touch with one of our Financial Advisers to help you invest for the future or get a risk cover to provide financial security against any unfortunate events that might happen to you. We cannot predict the future, but together we can plan for it. 

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