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Start stashing your money today

27 Jul 2020

We know that taking the decision to start saving money can be overwhelming. Where do you start? How much do you start with? You may even wonder if you have enough money to start saving. Do not let these questions stop you from starting to save. Liberty Stash can help to start putting money away as you go about your day. It is a tax-free investment that helps you invest in your future by saving small amounts of money via an app.

You can stash automatically from a connected bank card from as little as R5 per day, or simply stash at any time with a press of a button.

One of the most exciting things about Stash is that there are no fees, admin charges or trading costs. You can choose to invest your money into either an SA Top 40 Shares portfolio, or a Cash+ portfolio, or into both, depending on your needs and investment goals. As these portfolios grow in value, so does your stash.

With Stash you have full control over when and how much you contribute. You also have the option to pause, adjust, stop and restart your investment. More importantly Stash offers unconditional access to your funds directly from the app.

How do I Stash?

Stash has several features that you can set in the App to automatically Stash small amounts of money:


Stash every day

A little goes a long way. You can set to stash daily from as little as R5 per day, up to R100 if you can.


Stash when it's sunny

When it's sunny, save for a rainy day. Stash checks the weather in your area daily, if it's sunny you stash some money. If it's cloudy, you don't.


Stash when you sweat

Stash 5c for every 20 calories you burn, 100 meters you walk and 100 steps that you take. Link your Stash App to a Fitness App on your phone.


Boost your stash

Stash your extra cash at the end of the month. You can boost your stash by up to R1000 pm.


Stash when there's load shedding

Every day we check if there's load shedding. If you're sitting in the dark, why not use the money you would have spent on electricity to save for a brighter future.


Stash every day for a year with the 10c Challenge

Start off with just 10c on day 1, 20c on day two, 30c on day three and so on. Complete the 10c Challenge and after day 365 you will have stashed R6 679.50


Stash in a tap

Missed your daily coffee? Quit smoking for a week? Invest that spare cash at once with a simple tap on your app.

Stash is free and you have full access to your money.

Get a tax-free investment in as little as 90 seconds. No forms. No fees. No minimums. No tax.  You have full control as to how much and when you want to stash and you have total access to you money - cash out your stash at any time directly from the App. No forms, no queues and no penalties. Download Stash on Play Store (Android) or download it on the App Store (iOS).

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