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Planning your December holiday in the time of COVID-19

09 Dec 2020

After being at home for most of this year due to COVID-19, you may need a change of scenery and be dreaming about going away and enjoying a relaxing December holiday. But, with the pandemic still a big risk, family health and safety comes first. We need to be vigilant, avoid crowded areas and follow all the other COVID-19 safety precautions. Also, big last minute holiday plans may interfere with much-needed finances necessary to take us into 2021.

So, how do you go about planning your festive season this December, taking into account your family’s safety? Here are some guidelines to help you.

Safety comes first

Keep yourself and your family as safe from infection as possible:

  • Wear a mask in public
  • Avoid large crowds
  • Sanitise and wash your hands regularly
  • If you or your family show any symptoms, contact your doctor immediately

Plan a staycation

For most of us, a December overseas trip is not an option, either because of budget or safety concerns. Use this time to plan a staycation and explore South Africa’s beautiful local spots:

  • Explore South Africa: our country is packed full of attractive sites and exciting things to do. Go hot air ballooning, visit a game lodge, go on a scenic drive or treat yourself to your favourite restaurant. Take the kids on an exciting adventure experience. Try trampolining, water sports, the aquarium, the zoo, or a new and interesting museum.
  • Look for special offers: because of limited travel this year, resorts and restaurants may be offering specials for locals. Use this as an opportunity to enjoy the best South Africa has to offer.
  • Plan a road trip: if you’re worried about boarding a packed flight, consider a road trip. This is an excellent and economical way to take in the sights and appreciate South Africa’s natural beauty.

An alternative might be to visit relatives homes for a couple of days

Visiting aunts and 'going home' like most Joburgers do - please can we add this here.

Staying at home? You can still enjoy your holiday

Being at home during the holidays can be enjoyable. Use this time to do fun things. Walk, run or take an exercise class. Go for a drive. Get your favourite takeaways. Binge watch your favourite Netflix show. Spend more time on your hobbies and interests. Keeping your kids busy doesn’t have to be a challenge. Try art, cooking, baking, gardening and outdoor picnics. Play board games and read stories. Set aside some time for them to play their favourite online games or watch a DVD or TV show.

Happy holidays

You can still enjoy a relaxing and festive season by staying at home. Have fun, but be vigilant, be careful and stay safe.

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