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Liberty takes a step forward in education innovation

13 May 2019

Promoting the development of Mathematics and Physical Science has always been a key driver behind Liberty's corporate citizenship endeavours. South Africa is in desperate need of highly-skilled professionals in the field of engineering, medical science, finance etc. Maths and Physical Science are critical enablers for high school learners. To achieve this, these skills must be imparted on learners while they are still at school.

As a good corporate citizen, with a long history in delivering Maths and Physical Science skills to the learners of South Africa, Liberty has recognised that the way learners at high school absorb information has dramatically changed. Mobile technology has shortened attention spans and increased the demand for short, informative pieces of information.

Innovative education in the palm of a learner's hand

Nomaxabiso Matjila, Liberty's Lead Corporate Investment Specialist, "In the 1990's millions of school children tuned into the Liberty Math's Channel to see William Smith and other educators teach Maths and Physical Science in a studio, using a projector. While this format was relevant back then, the learning landscape today has completely evolved. Today learners need information to be packed and distributed in an innovative and unique way."

Liberty has partnered with the Mindset Network to deliver essential Maths and Physical Science education to learners across South Africa using Television as well as Mobile Apps. This is to ensure that adequate content and extra learning opportunities are shared with grades 10-12 throughout their schooling journey. In addition to this, learners can sign up to the TenFold Education App - An interactive mobile application that is home to hundreds of hours of instructional video resources, and exam style assessments.

Mindset Network has extensive experience in the delivery of educational content, with a network of teachers and facilitators across the country that use technology to facilitate the learning process.
By introducing the Ten Fold Education App, learning is not limited to classroom style teaching, as the App introduces collaborative ways of engagement through interactive question and answer sessions, curriculum updates and much more.

The 60 minute interactive television show will be aired from 5-6pm during school terms. More than  140 original television shows will be produced every year, where expert teachers will passionately deliver maths and physical science lessons to thousands of South African learners. These shows will be on DSTV, OVHD and StarSat and are aligned to the CAPS curriculum.

Mindset's CEO, Dylan Green says, "The format of the TV show and the layout of the app are specifically designed with the needs of the learner in mind. We wanted to ensure that we are able to deliver pivotal educational information to the learners quickly, effectively and on demand in a medium they understand."

According to Matjila, "it was important that we adapt to digital channels that appeal to the youth of today. Technology, more so digital communication platforms, play an integral part in how information is disseminated and consumed by the youth. Our partnership with Mindset Network ensures that we are part of the fourth industrial revolution, through the delivery of high quality Maths and Physical Science tuition programmes. The use of this technology is indicative of Liberty striving to use digital communication to deliver impactful CSI efforts that are aimed at improving Maths and Physical Science education in South Africa. The App and TV programmes will surely provide the much needed support for learners to do well in school." 

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