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Global Benefit Programmes

Leveraging on the scale of a global workforce

South Africans are continuously looking for ways to save or spend wisely. Households may for example increase savings by making small adjustments to spending habits and by purchasing cheaper goods and services. By reviewing benefit arrangements, Trustees, Compensation and Benefits Managers and HR Specialists can also play an important role to ensure employees are better positioned to save. These small adjustments add up and can result in significant savings.

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Global Money Week: Investing in the Digital Age

​Last week Wits Business School hosted a panel discussion to coincide with Global Money Week. Divisional Director of Liberty Investments, Vimal Chagan was invited to share his thoughts on "Investing in the digital age." Here are a few key points that Vimal touched on:

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419 Scam

​​Please do not respond to a fraudulent SMS that you may have received about a Liberty Quick Loan as this is not part of our product offering. Please delete the SMS and do not share your personal information.

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Understanding unclaimed benefits

​An unclaimed benefit is a benefit that is due to a member or former member of a fund, or that member’s beneficiary, where the benefit has not been paid for atleast 24 months

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Understanding when you can access your retirement funds

​​Can members withdraw from an occupational retirement fund without leaving the company? Retirement funds provide means for employees to save for their retirement years. However, only about 6% of South Africans can maintain their standards of living in retirement.​

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