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Four things to consider when saving for your children’s education

​Fast forward 30 years and consider how you're reading this post. On the internet, probably on a cellphone – social media didn't exist 15 years ago, and it spawned an entire new industry in the last decade.

The point is - we're preparing our children for jobs that don't even exist yet and their best tool will undoubtedly be a good education.

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Banes and boons of going back to school

​​It is estimated that three years of university education will currently cost R300 000 to R350 000 for tuition, books, accommodation, and board examinations and other expenses such as a computer, cell phone and internet access.

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Liberty’s Income protection

​Insure the one thing that pays for everything. Your income.

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Insights to help you choose

​Liberty's latest campaign is centred on helping you understand your risk needs and providing you with the insights to make appropriate choices.

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