No matter what you’re saving for, we’re invested together in your goals.

Invested Together


At Liberty, we believe there is nothing more powerful than having a goal. Goals are the difference between dreaming of retiring in Knysna by the time you’re 55 and doing it. Having financial goals can make your dreams a reality, which is why we partner with Financial Advisers to guide our clients through sound financial planning. We coach our clients towards their goals and give them the financial solutions they need to help them get there.

Invest for Income

With Liberty, you can draw a regular income from your investment over a specific period, so you can finally use it to take time off for that sabbatical or even to study full time.

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Invest for short or long-term goals

Is your goal to have a wedding that your friends and family will talk about for years to come? Or is it to make your child’s dream of becoming a pilot come true? Our range of flexible investment products can help you save for both short and long-term goals.

Invest for Retirement

With Liberty, you'll know exactly how much income you'll earn during retirement and ensure that your investment is guaranteed against market volatility, so that you can retire comfortably.


Invest Globally

If your goal is for your children to study abroad one day, Liberty’s range of global investment solutions gives you global exposure so you can grow your investment further and have the security of having a diversified portfolio, so that you can help your kids follow their dreams.

Investment Planning

Dreams are good, goals are better.

Partner with one of our Financial Advisers to help you to set, measure, and achieve your life goals. Whether your goal is to send your kids to a private school or plan for a dream wedding, an accredited Financial Adviser can help you realise your short to long-term goals through our goal-based investment planning and coaching. They will help you select the investment strategy that is suitable for you.

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