Claims Statistics 2020


2020 Claim Stats

No doubt, the previous year was made extremely difficult by the pandemic. At Liberty, we focused on improving our claims experience and making it even more efficient and empathetic for you and your loved ones. As our valued clients, your peace of mind and recovery meant a lot to us, and it was important that you felt understood and supported throughout the entire claims journey.

2020 Claim Stats

The pandemic has had a devastating effect on many people's physical, psychological, emotional, and financial wellbeing. We understand that all these factors are interrelated, so together with our Financial Advisers and Brokers, we wanted to ensure that the claims process was as smooth as possible. Ensuring financial security for those that have been left behind, to help them maintain their quality of life and enable a speedy recovery for our existing clients.

Top Five Claims

These are the Top Five Cause claims we paid out during 2020. As expected, Covid-related respiratory and other complications were common during this time. Retrenchment claims also rose - a testament to the physical and economical impact brought by the pandemic. As always, it means a lot to us, to look after our clients financial security. It is a duty we take seriously. Whatever life may throw at you, we are In It With You.

Top 5 claims for women
Top 5 claims for men

We’re here to offer you the financial stability and support you need when you experience serious setbacks.

Claims Explorer

If the previous year has shown us anything, it’s that life has become increasingly unpredictable and vulnerable. Knowing the risks that people in your life stage face and the type of insurance they have taken against such eventualities can help you have a meaningful conversation with your Financial Adviser and get the right cover that suits your pocket. Liberty’s Interactive Claims Explorer lets you see the higher risk areas according to your gender and age across our pilars of protection, based on the claims we paid out in 2020.

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