Claims Statistics 2019

2019 Claims Overview

R23 million claims each day led to a total of R5.9 billion in claims' payouts in 2019. This isn’t just a number to us. It’s the story of how we actively supported thousands of customers in just one year by settling over 120 claims each working day.

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Top Claims

It’s important to us that we connect with you in a real and meaningful way. As your life changes, know that you can depend on Liberty to be there with you on your journey.

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We’re here to offer you the financial stability and support you need when you experience serious setbacks.

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Claims Explorer Tool

At Liberty, we believe that knowledge is power, and the more people who are aware of the risks they face in life, the more people we can help to get the protection they need. Liberty’s interactive Claim Explorer Tool enables you to eaily see the highest risk areas according to your age and gender, based on the claims paid out in 2019.

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