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Drive Hope

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A simple act that makes a difference

Our country’s social-economic landscape is diverse and there are a lot of issues that separate us as a nation, but there is one thing that we do and do well and that is uniting together. Our unity in celebrating our nation and being hopeful for a better tomorrow is what makes every single one of us hopeful and proudly South African.

The responsibility to create change and keep the hope flame ignited falls upon every single one of us, to make our communities better. Creating a better community stems from hope; hope that the situation will get better, hope for freedom, hope for a better tomorrow and hope for a united nation.

#DriveHope stories

#DriveHope Beacon


On the 6th February 2020, a building became a beacon of inspiration, commitment and hope. We lit the Flame that reaffirmed our commitment to improving lives and helping where we can in communities.

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#DriveHope Squad member


We asked one of our #HopeSquad members, Sine, to share the story that impacted her the most. Listen to the full story, of how a little hope can change a life, here.

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#DriveHope - Vani Chetty's story


Watch Vani Chetty's story on how #DriveHope impacted her life here.

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See #DriveHope in action

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Nominate someone for hope:

To nominate someone in need of hope, send an email to and include the following details:

  • Your name and surname
  • Your contact details
  • Nominee's name and surname
  • Nominees contact details
  • Their story and why you feel they need hope.

#DriveHope FAQs

For more information on how you can #DriveHope with us, read the questions and answers below:

You can #DriveHope through a simple act of kindness, every day. But if you know of someone who could do with more than a hug, send them our way. Email: and we will try to give them the boost of hope that they need.

#DriveHope is applicable to anyone in need of a boost of hope. Whether it’s a newborn baby whose mother needs help with diapers or a grandfather seeking to refurbish his family home. The initiative is open to all South Africans.

#Drivehope stories will be kept confidential and will only be used if we see the need and have consulted the relevant parties for permission to make use of the story. However, the identity of all stories will remain anonymous.

#DriveHope is scheduled to run for the 2020 year. However, it’s a movement that can be driven by South Africans long beyond the duration of the initiative.


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