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Young Parent

Thinking about the future.

Liberty Lifestyle Protector is more than just life insurance. It’s about facing the future head on and acknowledging that the unfortunate could happen to you. It’s flexible for you to change it as your needs change. It’s all about Future Thinking. It provides financial security for you or for your loved ones, should you become critically ill, disabled, retrenched or when you’re no longer around. As a Future Thinker, plan and protect the lifestyle you’re building today with Liberty​ Lifestyle Protector.​​

Secure your child’s education, in case the worst happens to you.

In this highly competitive world, the biggest gift that you can give your child is good education. Liberty's EduCator risk benefit is designed to pay the costs associated with your child's education from primary to tertiary level should you become severely ill, disabled or pass away. Ensure that your child's future is secured today.



Protect your income to maintain your family’s lifestyle.

Your income is one of your biggest assets. But, how would you meet your family's living expenses should you become critically ill, disabled or retrenched? Liberty's income protection will pay you a lump sum or monthly income that you can use towards paying for the house, groceries, school fees and everything else that maintains your family's lifestyle.



Being prepared for the unexpected.

No one expects something to go wrong in life. But, what if you were diagnosed with cancer, stroke, heart attack or another critical illness? Liberty's Living Lifestyle will pay a lump ​sum to provide you with financial security in such unexpected events. The payment can be used to meet expenses for possible adjustments to your lifestyle, such as hiring a caregiver, transport to the doctor and modifications needed to your home or car.​




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