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Young Achiever




​​​Young Achiever

As a young achiever you are establishing your career, on the road to building and accumulating your personal wealth (and loans) because you now have the ability to earn an income.

​​​What if you could no longer work?

  • Because your were retrenched?​​
  • Because you were diagnosed with cancer?
  • Because you had a car accident and were disabled?
  • Because you became impaired for life?

Are you adequately covered against the financial impact of these risks?

  • Protect one of your biggest assets - your future income.
  • Protect your family against your current loans /debts you have incurred.
  • Protect your savings and income against all the associated costs of being seriously ill – wheelchairs, travel to doctors, rehabilitation, alterations to your home.
  • Protect losing your existing policies by covering your premium payment for a term, while you are temporarily or permanently disabled, impaired, retrenched or severely ill. Ensuring you can continue with your cover means you do not have to reapply where you perhaps may not qualify anymore.

How much is enough cover?


​​  Good to know


How to reduce the risk of a claim not being paid​​

Here are a number of ways to​​​ help ensure that you provide all relevant information and that your claims are paid:

  • Advisers should point out that failure to provide full medical and financial information at application may delay the underwriting processes and it could also lead to the cancellation of the policy or reduced payment at claim stage.
  • Consider the questions on the application form carefully and provide all relevant information.
  • Consider tele-underwriting if some of the information is sensitive − all client details are treated confidentially and stored securely with access to only a small number of authorised staff.
  • Regularly review your cover to ensure it remains in line with your needs and can be supported by financial evidence.​​​​​​​​​​​


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