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We believe that you should always have a positive claims experience. We aim for a hassle-free turnaround time and want the process to be as easy for you as possible.

To submit a claim the following are just a few guidelines to adhere to:

For death claims - notify Liberty that the policyholder has died as soon as possible or contact a financial adviser for assistance. You can also contact our call centre on 0860 456 789 who will be able to assist with any queries that you may have.

The beneficiary/ies on record must complete and sign a claimant's statement and attach it, with a copy of the death certificate, and all other necessary standard requirements listed on the claim form.

For disability claims – the policyholder must complete and sign the relevant claimant's statement and submit the necessary standard requirements listed on the claim form.

Valid claims are usually processed speedily, after Liberty ensures that:

  • The correct beneficiary on record is claiming

  • The policy is current and in force

  • That all conditions of the policy have been met

  • All standard requirements have been submitted

Most delays occur because Liberty did not receive the standard documentation. However, if Liberty detects fraud, or if there was misrepresentation at application stage, or fraudulent documentation was submitted, they have the right to decline the claim. Liberty reserves the right to call for additional requirements to assess the claim.

Once the claim has been approved, payment is affected via eft (electronic fund transfer) into the stipulated bank account.

Should you require financial assistance, this would be a good time to consult with your financial adviser to put in place a strategy that will ensure that you and your family's future is financially secure.


Do you have a complaint? Click here to submit your complaint.

Click here to view the complaints resolution procedure.

This is a difficult time for those close to the policyholder. Liberty is here to guide and support you, every step of the way.

You can submit your claim in the following ways:

Death and Disability claims:

Fax: 011 408 2005
Call centre: 0860 456 789 and +27 (0)11 408 4871
Post: PO Box 10499, Johannesburg, 2001
Walk-in centre: 1 Ameshoff Street, Braamfontein, 2001
Financial adviser assistance

Medical Lifestyle claims:
Fax: 011 408 2246
Call centre: 0860 102 219 and +27 (0)11 408 4888
Post: Private Bag X78, Braamfontein, 2017 


Once Liberty has received your claim, along with all of the supporting documentation, the processing of the claim will commence.

Please ensure that you have provided us with your latest contact details so that we can keep in touch with you during the claim process.

In the event your claim is declined, the following Claim dispute process can be followed:

Please contact us within 90 days if you would like to discuss the decision.

We follow a rigorous process to ensure that decisions are fair in terms of Treating the Customer Fairly (TCF) and in line with the terms and conditions of your policy and industry regulatory standards.  If you feel that we have not complied with the aforementioned and would like us to reconsider our decision, you have the following options:

  1. You may provide more information

    If you have received any new, updated information that would assist us with the reconsideration of your claim, please send this information to:

    Fax:    +27 11 408 2005

  2. You may request a review

    If you do not have any new, updated information but would like us to review your claim, please send any concerns or motivation to our Review Committee.  Please send this information to:

    Fax:    +27 11 408 2005




• Death
• Retirement Annuity death claims
• Disability claim
• Income Protector
• Critical Illness
• Medical Lifestyle


Death claims:
On death of the life assured, a sum assured benefit is paid out to the nominated beneficiary/ies, subject to the validity of the claim.

Retirement Annuity death claims:
On death of the life assured, the trustees of the fund make a decision and a death benefit is payable to the dependants or nominated beneficiaries in accordance with the rules of the Pension Funds Act, subject to the validity of the claim.

Disability claim:
When the life assured becomes totally and permanently disabled or impaired as defined in the policy document.

Income Protector benefit claim:
When the life assured is unable to perform their nominated occupation directly or indirectly due to an injury, illness, disease or surgical operation and has suffered a loss of income.

Critical Illness claim:
When the life assured meets the benefit criteria of a dread disease covered under the benefit categories in the policy document.

Medical Lifestyle claim:
This is a hospital plan that provides you and your family with comprehensive health care cover for major medical expenses. Medical lifestyle pays fixed benefits aimed at ensuring that the financial impact of a health care event is minimised.

NOTE: For all other claim types, please contact your financial adviser or call our call centre on 0860 456 789 for further assistance.

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