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We have recently launched new portfolios which are only available to clients on the revamped Agile offering. Please refer to the performance summary on the website for returns.

We are currently refreshing our fund fact sheet layout and migrating the production of our fund fact sheets to an improved automated system. This migration is being implemented over a few months. Please bear with us over this time as you may experience: Please bear with us over this time as you may experience:

  • A delay in publication of certain fund fact sheets for certain months
  • Performance graphs or returns not being be displayed on the fact sheets for a particular month
  • Certain information displayed differently

If you have any queries about a specific fund during this time please email

Tracker Risk Profiled

Liberty Low equity tracker
Liberty Conservative equity tracker
Liberty Medium equity tracker
Liberty Balanced equity tracker
Liberty High equity tracker

Liberty Risk Profile

Liberty Conservative
Liberty Moderately Conservative
Liberty Moderate
Liberty Moderately Aggressive
Liberty Aggressive
Supplementary Detail

STANLIB Multi-Manager

STANLIB Multi-Manager Wealth Stabiliser
STANLIB Multi-Manager Wealth Preserver
STANLIB Multi-Manager Wealth Enhancer
STANLIB Multi-Manager Wealth Accumulator
STANLIB Multi-Manager Wealth Multiplier



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