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Liberty Road Accident Protection Plan gives you cover for your medical and related expenses if you are injured in any accident on a South African public road. Whether you’re a driver, passenger or pedestrian, we've got you covered.

Critical illness cover

Lifestyle Protector offers comprehensive cover with our Living Lifestyle benefit for critical illnesses and traumatic events you may experience. We even cover those unknown and rare illnesses. The lump sum payment can be used for costs to help you make adjustments to your lifestyle.

Disability cover

You can never tell what life will bring. You may become permanently unwell or injured, and unable to perform the duties of your occupation. The financial burden of illness and injury can be challenging, but disability cover can ease your financial concerns, allowing you to focus on recovering and adjusting to a new way of life.

Funeral benefits and plans

We have a range of plans to choose from, allowing family members to provide their loved ones the dignity of a funeral he or she deserves.

Income protection

Your future salary is one of your biggest assets. If you are unable to work and therefore cannot earn an income, your family's life could be jeopardised. Income protection helps you to be able to take care of them financially, regardless of what life event negatively impacts your income.

Life protection

Have peace of mind that your loved ones are not financially burdened when you are gone. Life cover helps those you care about to be more financially stable in the event of your death.

Medical cover

Liberty Health is the leading provider of healthcare solutions across Africa. We give you true peace of mind by protecting you from significant medical expenses through the use of our extensive network of healthcare professionals and service providers.

Policy protection

Take the time to ensure that you’re protected with policy protection. It provides peace of mind that you are looked after financially, during times of adversity.

Invest for retirement

When you invest money in our retirement products, you become a member of the Lifestyle Retirement Annuity Fund, a registered and approved retirement annuity fund.

Invest lump sum

Our investment solutions give you the option to invest a lump-sum amount to assist you in reaching your financial goals.

Invest regularly

At Liberty, our investment solutions can help you reach your investment goals. Liberty gives you the opportunity to invest in different asset classes and the flexibility of investing over different time horizons.

Invest to generate an income

You can invest a lump-sum so that you will be able to receive an income pre and post retirement.

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