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Global Money Week: Investing in the Digital Age

​Last week Wits Business School hosted a panel discussion to coincide with Global Money Week. Divisional Director of Liberty Investments, Vimal Chagan was invited to share his thoughts on "Investing in the digital age." Here are a few key points that Vimal touched on:

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419 Scam

​​Please do not respond to a fraudulent SMS that you may have received about a Liberty Quick Loan as this is not part of our product offering. Please delete the SMS and do not share your personal information.

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Understanding unclaimed benefits

​An unclaimed benefit is a benefit that is due to a member or former member of a fund, or that member’s beneficiary, where the benefit has not been paid for atleast 24 months

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Understanding when you can access your retirement funds

​​Can members withdraw from an occupational retirement fund without leaving the company? Retirement funds provide means for employees to save for their retirement years. However, only about 6% of South Africans can maintain their standards of living in retirement.​

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Understanding how to get maintenance for a child from a pension fund

​​Money in a retirement fund is protected by law from any form of attachment by order of court, but there are exceptions.

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