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CSI initiatives

CSI initiatives

Investing in our communities

We consider education fundamental to creating opportunities for future employment and contributing to building a thriving economy.  Our Corporate Social Investment (CSI) involvement started in 1971 and continues to be shaped around education. In 2015 Liberty Group contributed R43.4 million to CSI initiatives that were aligned to the development of education in South Africa.

Our focus and key projects

We have a centralised approach to community involvement with a series of flagship initiatives managed in partnership with like-minded organisations. Our projects aim to address educational needs at key life learning stages – with a specific focus on literacy, mathematics and science. Our flagship educational programmes are aligned to the Department of Education's CAPS curriculum.

Funding criteria

We support projects that align to our key focus area and meet our funding criteria. Clickhere to find out more.

Primary school education

Liberty funds the provision of educational material and teaching  aids for grade R – 7 learners.

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High school education

Liberty sponsors the provision of extra tuition for mathematics and science in high school.

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Development of mathematics

​Liberty supports the advancement and development of mathematics in South Africa and neighbouring countries.

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Tertiary education

​We support initiatives that aim to address the shortage of skills in the financial sector at post-graduate level.

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Employee Volunteerism

​Our employees are encouraged to take an active part in community development initiatives.

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The Liberty Community Trust (LCT)

​The LCT is as an expression of Liberty's commitment towards community development and empowerment.

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Funding criteria

​​Liberty recognises that there are many communities with socio-economic challenges that require help and support.

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Our story

About Us

Liberty was founded in 1957 by Sir Donald Gordon who watched his father work hard all his life, yet reap little financial reward for his efforts. This struggle ignited in him the overwhelming belief that all people should have the opportunity to grow their wealth and leave a proud legacy for their family. This belief is captured in our name and our flame, taken from the Statue of Liberty and imbued with the same meaning of freedom and opportunity.

Nearly 60 years later, and with a presence in 18 African countries, we have grown from being a South African life insurer to a pan-African financial services company, offering asset management, investment, insurance and health products to 3.2 million people across Africa.

We are an organisation that understands the value of knowledge and its power to change realities, when set into action. This is why we have invested over R480 million in supporting various educational initiatives and projects within our communities.

What do we know about not knowing? We understand that knowledge is a continuous pursuit. You have to constantly seek it, chase it and build on it. Knowledge is our currency and our wealth. It's our future as well as our past. It is where we come from and what we stand for.

The advantage of knowing is entrenched in our organisational DNA and is demonstrated in the way we engage with our customers, business partners and stakeholders.

However, the more we learn, the more we know that knowledge alone isn't enough. You can have knowledge and still understand very little. So until knowledge becomes action, there is no freedom, no progress and no advantage.

People don't follow knowledgeable thinkers; they follow those who act, those who have experience, with the dust on their shoes to prove it.

We at Liberty know the path to financial freedom because we walk it every day.

Our vision

To be the trusted leader in insurance and investment in Africa and our chosen markets

Why we are in business?

Through understanding the power of knowledge, we strive to pioneer new ways to guide people towards financial freedom.

Our purpose

To make a difference in people's lives by helping them to orchestrate their financial freedom. This is our passion.

Liberty is not just our name. It's what we do.


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